Thursday, December 10, 2009

Conservative Nanny Statism

Banning clothing from groups that hold them to account.

Its not the shirt that's protesting, its the people wearing them. Recommend this Post

This goes out to all the peeps in the CPC and its supporters

Language alert.

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Oh Dalton


Could you not have waited until after the recession to bring in the HST?

I am on my 3rd job in one year due to the downturn with each lay-off lasting a month or more. My savings are gone. My transit pass is going to cost me 30+ dollars extra each month starting in January. Groceries are skyrocketing. I make exactly the same as I did last year except ends are not meeting. I've canceled cable, and my home phone and still ends don't meet. I have to live in a building with crack heads living in the stairwells and ends don't meet.

Ontario is becoming way too expensive and your bribe money discriminates against singles. I come from a province which has HST but we lobbed off 4% when we harmonized. You never. I am supportive of the HST but you have fucking shitty timing dude.

I will not vote for you Dalton in the next election. The NDP has my vote next time around. Hopefully you'll remember the little people then instead of business.

Federally the NDP can still kiss my ass. Recommend this Post

Friday, November 13, 2009

Monday, November 09, 2009

#1 Latest Pet Peeve

Conservatives while talking about the money involved in the gun registry have taken to the talking points imagine the social housing and how many single moms we could have helped.

Of course, Conservatives don't believe in social housing and when it comes to Conservatives, especially with Mr Baird, there is no track record with helping any single moms on welfare. Leaving to die maybe.

Conservatives make me sick. For a bunch wrapped up with Evangelicals, they sure lie, cheat, distort and completely lack any morals. Recommend this Post

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I can't argue with this

Rural over-representation defeats the people's will.

20% of the country has more pull than the other 80%.

Its about time that we have a government that represents the people of this country instead of its vast landscape, no matter how beautiful it may be. We end up with a government just as barren as the prairies when it comes to ideas, morals and ability to lead a country.

The 20% that seems to have more power tend to have so few issues they elect members for one thing only. Things such as a gun registry. Is this how we want to run our country? With single issue government? That's all the reform-conservatives are. Its always been about guns and suspected crime in face of stats proving otherwise. Everything else they have promised they have taken half measures or completely neutered it to the point its useless, like the accountability act. We get mandatory election dates that are actually unenforceable. We also get 3 environmental plans yet none get implemented.

Ask yourself. What have the tories done that has improved EVERYONES lives.

They are not the government of canada. They are the Government of Conservatives areas within Canada. They are ignoring everyone else until you give in and elect one of them. Recommend this Post

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wow. They can go even lower than imagined.

Gov't program wants job applicants' views on Tory budget.

Yes, indeed.

You are still in Canada, whether you recognize it or not.

At least the weather is warmer in Zimbabwe.

I though Public Service was anathema to Reform Conservatives. But I guess like pork-barreling, its only bad when others do it. Recommend this Post

Monday, November 02, 2009

Teh Stoopid or How to be a Conservative

One week argue that everyone who has a bicycle should be required to licence it. And then later that everyone with a gun or guns shouldn't have to license them.

There you have it. The bizarre world of conservatism where a bike is a dangerous thing that should be licensed but guns should be freely available and don't you dare ask who has one.

No need to be confused. They never make sense. They are reactionary and have a mean streak. Its not about principle its about being an atrocious human being. You see having a bicycle makes you a tax loving green socialist liberal and thats just wrong but stock piling guns, rifles and automatic machine guns makes you a pillar of the conservative community.

I wonder how much money criminals and criminal organizatons are donating to the conservative cause right now??

Don't give me that BS about a gun not being a weapon unless a human shoots it. That can be said about anything, including illegal drugs. That argument only works on Teh Stoopid aka Conservatives/conservatives/reformers. Recommend this Post

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Somebody, Please make It Stop!

I beg of you, media, please stop the coverage on the nonstory "Balloon Boy". Besides the fact he was never in the balloon, this story has no importance whatsoever.

I have already reduced my cable to basic to combat trash media, now I am considering removing it altogether. I think its become painfully obvious that the internet has had nothing to do with mainstream media demise, they are are killing themselves.

One more plea, please stop the other nonstory about the Gosselin family also. Who gives a shit, my neighbours are splitting up also and I see no media bandwagon there. Recommend this Post

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is it available on toilet paper?

Yawn. She's a neo-con republican and as such this book will be nothing but lies and revisionism to bolster her electability. I am sure it will read similar to a trailer park boys episode. Recommend this Post

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I fail to see the outrage about this ruling. In any country where there is a majority of one "race" there is always oppression. To pretend there isn't is to be a fool.

My friend Dwayne moved here from South Africa 8 years ago for the same reason. Racism occurs anywhere where one race is dominant over the other

It occurs still here in Canada. Usually when you travel and need to get home though. Recommend this Post

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pope Stephen I of Canada

Now he's getting just plain weird. Stephen Harper has now said that he cares more about God's Verdict than what voters think.

Lovely. So god speaks to him now. How else would he know what god wants. Whose god? I would imagine the evangelical angry god. The one who approves of an eye for an eye. The black and white view of the world. Does his god know about the Pope of Canada's penchant for psychics? tsk tsk.

This is enough for most to not vote for this man.

Why would an Hindu, Buddhist, Shintoist, Atheist, etc want to be subjected to Pope Stephens evangelical christian view of Canada?

Whats happened to Canada, we use to pride ourselves as secular and honest brokers. Now we've become a theocracy subject to 6000 year old morality laws.

Will he add blasphemy to his law and order agenda?

Who the fuck does he think he is? Recommend this Post

Friday, August 14, 2009

I am doubtful.

Dick Cheney to publish tell-all memoir

Wouldn't that result in a lot of people being arrested and put in jail for life including the author? Recommend this Post

Monday, July 20, 2009

Who would have thought...

A right-winger in Downtown Toronto. Pretty much in the gay village no less.

One question. Why can you buy a semi-automatic gun in Canada? And please include what you would legally use it for. Recommend this Post

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

On Political vs "Touristic" Events

Brad Trost on Toronto Gay Pride funding:

"Canadian taxpayers, even non-social conservative ones, don't want their tax dollars to go to events that are polarizing or events that are more political than touristic in nature."

So no funding for events that are more political than touristic. Well touristic isn't a word as far as I know but I get the point.

Well this event seems to be political as well and it received $2,000,000. This isn't the first time that this "touristic" event was picketed either. If I didn't know better I'd say its getting as bad as the G8 summits.

Call me old fashioned but when an event is picketed it IS political and I don't recall any picketers at Toronto Pride...ever.


Toronto Pride's response to this funding issue Recommend this Post

Sunday, July 05, 2009

They gotta be kidding.

Ottawa is planning a memorial for communism's victims. This is a bit much don't you think? Elevating a form of government to the holocaust. Its the decisions governments make, how they implement policy that hurts people, not a form of government.

Hitler wasn't a communist yet look at we he did. Should we ban democracy too because that's how Hitler got into power? All it required was messaging and making a group of people look like the cause of society's ills. Much like how Harper derides liberals, homosexuals, or anyone other group that is too smart to vote for him and his ilk. Maybe to be fair they could put in a monument to those who died due to right wing governments. You know those leaders like Hitler, Franco, and Pinochet.

An example of right wing policies killing someone can be seen in the Harris government of Ontario. The Harris government's welfare policies resulted in a pregnant woman in Sudbury, Kimberly Rogers, dying while serving a house arrest for welfare fraud. The woman had been confined to her apartment for three months and reports stated her pregnancy was "exacerbated by sweltering conditions in her apartment". Just a note but this was John Baird's portfolio. So the same beliefs that created this situation lives on in our federal government.

Listerosis anyone?

Stay tuned for China's response. This may just be Harper's "axis of evil" moment. Recommend this Post

Monday, May 11, 2009

So you JUST noticed it Bev. Really?

Oh please like you have any right to talk about guns appearing anywhere.

Bev Oda says she noticed Tamil Tiger flags being flown at the protests, including one in Toronto that shut down a major highway Sunday.

This coming from a representative of the government trying to make it easier to get machine guns and get rid of the gun registry.

Also from the same MP, a hand gun raffle. Don't all conservatives say that hand guns are already banned?

At least they are consistent in their inconsistency. Recommend this Post

Here's an idea that will get the Neo-Cons paying attention to the Tamils.

We all know that Neo-Cons don't care much for anyone once they leave the womb so why not get some stats on unborn fetus's that have died in the latest fighting in Sri Lanka.

Trust me, they will at least pretend to care after that and feign outrage. Its about "looking" concerned with these bunch of a-holes, as they can't care about living people because it means they have to do something.

After looking at comments on various news sites about the Tamils here in Toronto I have arrived at the conclusion that Conservatives are cheap heartless bastards and most definitely not Canadian in the least. Recommend this Post

Monday, May 04, 2009

Neo-con MPs less experienced, and stupid.

And boy, does it show.

It took Flaherty 4 months to realize we are in a recession and he is still scratching his head about how swine flu will affect the pork industry.

Jim, this ones on me. Swine = pork. I know, I know. Its shocking but true Jim. Also bacon and ham. I know it sounds magical but trust me on this. I hope you can make the next connection on your own. (Hint: flu makes people and swine sick and people don't like that).

Then there is Harper whose only policies come from red necks or when it looks like he's about to get the boot, stolen from other political parties.

The dumbing down will continue and the decorum will continue to be childish. That is the only way the neo-con MP's can act and the only way their supporters can understand them.

Sad really as we are all paying the price at this very moment. Recommend this Post

Harper and the Neo-cons spent $1M on phantom appointments commission

So, the question is if this commission has never really fulfilled any mandate , why should we be expected to pay the bill as taxpayers? Sounds like rewarding friends with non existent jobs. You know, money for nothing. None of the 18 recently appointed senators were vetted by this group nor were any other appointed officials by The Harper government which must be in the 200-300 person range.

The Conservatives have a big war chest. How about paying us back that $1 Million? Recommend this Post

Monday, April 27, 2009

Religious gatherings trigger neighbourhood feud

Simple solution would be to start hosting nude events within eye shot.

No one should have to deal with that much crazy in their neighborhood. Especially on a regular basis. Recommend this Post

Not surprising

Flaherty unsure if swine flu will impact economy. Not surprising. It took 4 months for him to realize we were in recession.

He'll catch on sometime by September. Recommend this Post

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tea bagging

I have been in stitches for over a week now over republicans and their embracement of teabagging. Which loser failed to google to find out what it means these days? Actually its only ever meant one thing because what else would you tea bag someone for?

I present tea bagging in all its glory!

Imagine in this video that the bartender is Ann Coulter.

I still haven't figured out how this will reduce taxes. Recommend this Post

Friday, February 27, 2009

We get it.

Your standing up for Canada.

Albeit it happens all the time and apparently the Russians have a right to train according to NORAD, But what would they know.

So whats up Steve? Deflection or scaring up your base? A little of both? Embellishing Pete's resume to get him out of the way?

Does all of us a favour and buy a fucking XBox the next time you wanna start up some war games.

You don't have the ability to lead us out of an escalation of tensions.

PS: Steve this little game is oh so transparent. Reporters are asking the proper questions and it doesn't look so good. Recommend this Post

Fireman Ross

LOL. Hope he never shows up to save me, especially with my tablecloth. Recommend this Post

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why Children should be protected from religious indoctrination

Catholic Church in St. John's found liable for abuse of 8 altar boys

The boys, who were the altar boys in these parishes, generally came from the more devout Catholic homes. The more devout, the more religious parents that pushed their children to become altar boys, and these were the boys who were victimized by their parish priest.

And how did the Catholic Church respond to this abuse?

There were also allegations that previous investigations, beginning in 1975, had been covered up, and the offenders whisked away to other provinces, where they received treatment and soon took on new religious postings.

Irresponsibility, denial, and law evasion.

Apologists will say its isolated, blah blah, blah, but this kind of recurring news has brought the catholic church to its knees.

Pardon the pun.

We don't send children into any high risk areas and its about time people view the church as one of those places. Recommend this Post

Monday, February 09, 2009

Tree of Life

Now contrast this with Abrahamic beliefs. 6 days to get to life and they forgot women. Women were an afterthought and made out of a rib bone which if we actually could make anyone from it would be another man since its got XY not XX. Plus we know stem cells are a no no with reluded people. Its never mentioned but did females animals get left out also? Humans supposedly have no connection to animals, and on and on with the complete ignorance of the world around them.

Little did they know and still today they deny the existence of junk DNA, that little bit of info carried forward from the previous species to the newly adapted one, providing a link back to all life's ancestors. It is completely backed up by evidence and requires no faith at all.

Whereas, religious folk, like Stockwell Day, has some sort of dinosaur rodeo envisioned with humans and dinos frolicking together. The only dinosaur in that imagery is Stockwell himself.


PS: Sorry about the video size not cooperating with my blog layout. I need to update so I can post widescreen video. Recommend this Post

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Balls in Micheal's Court.

I see the Conservatives are maintaining a denial of women to fight for equal pay, a carryover from the poisonous December fiscal update. On top of that the budget completely fails those who have lost jobs and about to lose them.

An extension of five weeks for EI is useless because there is a group of people who decide what you get. I was given only 20 weeks after paying into EI for the past 9 years. So should I expect to now get 25 weeks? Of course not that's up to the group to decide. All they have now is an extension of the max a person can receive when considering their application. Nothing more.

As a Liberal, I cannot support this budget because of the women's pay equity issue. As a recently unemployed person I can no longer support my party if they choose to support this budget for political reasons instead of doing whats right.

Balls in your court Micheal, am I still a Liberal or just a liberal?

Shit or get off the pot. Recommend this Post

Monday, January 26, 2009

What I need in this budget

In the last 12 month period I have lost two jobs. The first position was one which I held for 7 years. After 2006, with a Conservative government, EcoAction funding was slashed. I lost two co-workers immediately, Over the course of the next two years funding continually dwindled to the point that I was notified I would also have to go in order for the organization to stay belly up. To avoid lay-off I managed to get another job and avoided having to apply for Employment Insurance. Failure on the Conservatives part to be truthful and actually do something to head of the worst of the recession resulted in a second job loss.

After 6 weeks I finally was approved for EI for only 20 weeks. A coworker with less hours than I and after only working 6 months received 30 weeks. Make sense? Not to me. After 8 years of paying EI I get diddly squat after 6 weeks of surviving on my own. EI covers my rent and student loans only. Yet I hear Harper is extending benefits to self employed women, a group who don't even qualify. Buying votes again, I see.

I know I will be recalled back to my previous job in March/April but the problem is that the EI program will not get me that far. All gains I have made since graduating will be wiped at that point. I will have exhausted my savings and may have to default on student loans.

What I expect to see from the government is that they treat the program as it should be, not as if it is being administered by Manulife Insurance. I paid in, so pay out. Give me the max coverage or from here on in stop deducting it from payroll. I'll bank it myself. Give an actual 55% of wages and do not cap it. Get rid of the waiting period and stop clawing back money should someone unfortunately luck into a part time service job. I don't want free money, I want to get from point A to point B without losing everything I have. I paid premiums for a reason. Its the least I am owed after the mess the current government has allowed to happen. I don't care about tax cuts because currently I and other unemployed people have NO INCOME!

I expect nothing from the current government, a continuation of what they haven't been doing is no surprise. My expectations fall squarely on Michael Ignatieff. He's talked a great deal about what he wants in the budget but hasn't said exactly what he will do if it doesn't contain what he wants. I expect Mr. Ignatieff to vote it down and go to an election or a coalition. I expect nothing else. This, to me, is a test of his leadership and whether I can support him as a leader of the Liberal Party. This time my party leader's choice will definitely affect my life immediately.

I hope I am not let down but I'm not holding my breath. Recommend this Post

Monday, January 19, 2009

"There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

This may be a slogan you see very soon in Toronto. The ad campaign spawned in England is spreading, surprisingly this is occuring because of the large amounts of donations coming in. I donated myself this morning.

I cannot wait for the outrage. There should be none. Religious conservatives have been saying what they want about others beliefs, lives, ethnic groups etc under the guise of "free speech. Lets see if they have a double standard. Actually I will bet they do. Recommend this Post

Monday, January 12, 2009

I hope this is not true.

Human rights groups say Israel is indiscriminately using white phosphorus in Gaza's densely populated areas. When ignited, the chemical can burn the flesh off of a person, down to the bone.

If this is true I guess we can through out the notion that we learn from our mistakes. Seems no one learned anything from WWII. Especially those who were treated most horrifically. Recommend this Post

Friday, January 09, 2009

We have a Winner...

...for the most idiotic opinion piece ever. Tom Flanagan says Canada is NOT a constitutional monarchy.

Here's a tidbit:

Canada changed from a constitutional monarchy to a constitutional democracy as the franchise was extended to all adults and political parties became national in scope. That evolution was recognized in 1982 in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Whats concerning is the revisionism seen in this piece, he completely reinvents Canada and its institutions. Not to mention the contradictions such as Harper using the means provided by our constitutional monarchy to prorogue parliament yet Flanagan would have us believe that we are not even a constitutional monarchy. Even worse, he doesn't even understand/refuses to acknowledge how our system even works.

I would say that the attempt to whitewash our understanding of our own government borders on treason in its attempt to change how our system works without actually changing it and trying to make us believe we have a system similar to the US. Misinform and take advantage of it to suit your needs.

We don't need any Anti-Canadian neo-con trash telling us what our country is or how it works.

I took democracy in high school Mr. Flanagan, you might want to try the course because your American super expensive education misleads you. Where did you go anyway, Liberty College?

Sheesh. Recommend this Post