Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Balls in Micheal's Court.

I see the Conservatives are maintaining a denial of women to fight for equal pay, a carryover from the poisonous December fiscal update. On top of that the budget completely fails those who have lost jobs and about to lose them.

An extension of five weeks for EI is useless because there is a group of people who decide what you get. I was given only 20 weeks after paying into EI for the past 9 years. So should I expect to now get 25 weeks? Of course not that's up to the group to decide. All they have now is an extension of the max a person can receive when considering their application. Nothing more.

As a Liberal, I cannot support this budget because of the women's pay equity issue. As a recently unemployed person I can no longer support my party if they choose to support this budget for political reasons instead of doing whats right.

Balls in your court Micheal, am I still a Liberal or just a liberal?

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