Friday, June 29, 2007

Blueprints of the Gay Bomb revealed!

From Fab magazine, thought it was hilarious.

Too bad it didn't work out at the time. Would have made it much easier to find a boyfriend! Recommend this Post

Musings about a new Charter Right

As can be seen by the Liberals in Ontario, the NDP in Manitoba, and the Conservatives everywhere, provincially and federally we cannot trust the governments that we elect to act in our best interests.

I am no expert when it comes to charter rights but would extending a new Charter right to a clean environment be more beneficial? Governments could be forced to ensure a clean environment and if not then they get taken to court for violation of the right.

Of course, because we have a conservative party, remove the not withstanding clause at the same time.

Anyone care to comment on if this is possible and if this would work? Recommend this Post

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What the hell is wrong with the Brotens ?

As an environment minister there should not be four cars and a double garage with a lift!

Two adults and two newborns do not require 4 vehicles. Buying a shitload of cars because your husband is a "country boy" is a very very shitty excuse. I grew up the same way and tricked out my own muscle car. I sold that many years ago and now have a fuel efficient vehicle.

This "country boy" excuse for excessive emissions is also THE major problem with the CPC (ie. NASCAR ads, etc.) and most likely the reason why its base votes for them. They are all country boys who care only for their toys and nothing or anyone else.

Why such a sense of entitlement?

People expect an example from those they elect (since they tell us how to reduce), and I can tell Ms. Broten and Mr McGuinty and other hypocrites in the party that I'll be voting Green or maybe NDP provincially in the next election unless they ALL get there act together. John Tory can still kiss my ass, no more Mike Harris-esque governments.

The two storey garage has been cancelled but the problem I had was not totally with the garage but two sports cars and two hybrids.

You are an environment minister for crying out loud. Do you necessarily need two sports cars you can't drive any faster than your hybrids, legally?

Way too excess for this voter. I think I am going Green provincially.

Besides, Ms. Broten saw nothing wrong with this until there was outrage. You should have just known better Ms. Broten.

Update 2:
Conservative commenter Torian has taken issue with my broad sweeping generalizations of what constitutes a Conservative. I offer this description from a more conservative media outlet.

"Conservative supporters tend to be men, individuals aged 55 and older, and people without a post-secondary education."

Old and/or undereducated for todays modern society.

So I guess I am too young and too smart for John Tory. Recommend this Post

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Conservative race car ad plays to key supporters

Thought this was interesting.

OTTAWA (CP) - A new poll suggests Conservatives are reaching out to their cornerstone supporters by placing a party ad on a car in the Canadian NASCAR racing circuit

The survey by Decima Research suggests that 24 per cent of Canadians like or love NASCAR, while 62 per cent aren't interested in the sport and 13 per cent dislike or hate it.

Pollster Bruce Anderson says the NASCAR fans tend to be men, with support strongest in rural areas.

But he adds that his data show that Liberal supporters are actually as likely as Conservatives to be NASCAR supporters, suggesting there's potential to lure votes.

Anderson says a downside might be that non-NASCAR fans could conclude the party isn't interested in their votes.

The poll, conducted in the week after the Tories announced the deal with Whitlock Motor Sports, interviewed 1,000 people and is considered accurate to within 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Seems the Conservatives have been trying to convert the converted with the latest "look at me" attempt. Though some liberals watch Nascar, the conservatives risk alienating anyone who doesn't and they tend not to vote conservative anyways.

So all that was accomplished was a huge wastage of supporters donations, and Greenhouse Gas emissions with the Conservatives logo all over it.

Great job guys.

Maybe next time you could advertise on the side of an oil tanker. You could go all out pro-oil! Think of all the people who vote for you already getting excited to vote for you again!

Oil Spill? No Problem. Ignore it, no one cares! You only pretend to be green anyway! Recommend this Post

Monday, June 25, 2007

Conservatives infighting: Split possible between PC's and Reform?

Peter MacKay and Harper are not getting along so well.

Besides the battling between the Reformers and Progressive Conservatives within the CPC, another article speculates that Peter may lose his seat in Nova Scotia in the next election because not only did he fail to protect Nova Scotia's accords, Peter never did anything about a loss of 1000 jobs in his riding. Maybe he was out walking some dog he claimed was his. Anyway, the talk at Timmies is not good. The article went on to speculate that the NDP may not do so hot in his riding because of a crappy candidate.


Elizabeth May anyone?

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Protecting the Bedrooms of the Nation for 40 Years!

LIBERALS! (They Rule)

Placard reads "Bigot go Home" and features a photo Of Stephen Harper.


Green Party (Featuring Elzabeth may waving after me screaming!)

Where Steve used to live in Toronto, a pricey neighbourhood nearly surrounded on all sides by green space. Must have been tough Steve.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yet More on Tax Freedom day: CTV pushes CPC propaganda

This is my third post on this mundane stupid concept.

Yesterday I mused about what purpose using this crappy measurement has. I mentioned the possibility of propaganda by political party's and how giving the Fraser Institute very conservative numbers paints you as a tax cutter but in actuality at the year end when the full figures come it, it becomes obvious they lied.

Last years date was originally June 19 but then became June 24. This years date is Today (June 20), one day later than last year unless you consider the real day at year end.

This what CTV does. They are comparing last years final date to this years interim one. To make it worst they make the following claim

"This year the day arrives four days earlier than last year, partly because of the federal government's one-cent reduction of the Goods and Services Tax that took effect halfway through 2006."

They are wrong. They are basing this on information the government chose to give them, when they know full well that media won't update that date when it is finalized.

CTV is pushing propaganda by making wild claims about GST making tax freedom day earlier when they actually don't have the full information on this yet.

Then there is this:

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has said the institute's method of calculating the date each year is based on average family income, rather than median income.

If CTV is going to use this as a story they should at least check out all the angles. They are using the same guy I contacted as a source. Strange they didn't get the same information I did. Recommend this Post

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June 20 will be Tax Freedom Day.

This is bizarre. Last year, Tax Freedom day was on June 19. This year it is on June 20. By my math that is one day later than last year.

According to the Fraser Institute it is one day earlier than last year. Did I miss a leap year? How can it be earlier but on a later date?

Strange. Any ideas on why? Anyone?


According to the Fraser Institute the discrepancy is due to the following

Thanks for your interest in Tax Freedom Day. The numbers for the current year are preliminary as they are in part based on government budget forecasts of tax revenues. Each year we revise TFD estimates for the previous year using actual tax revenue data.

Last year our preliminary estimate of Tax Freedom Day (based on government revenue projects) was June 19. As it turns out, governments were conservative in their estimates. Our revised Tax Freedom Day for 2006 is June 24.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

I believe that this does answer a lot. Tax Freedom Day is crap. Political party's in the past have used this measurement to belittle their political opponents. Conservatives have said this is proof that we are taxed too much or the party in power has failed to lower taxes.

Possibly, but should they even use this measurement knowing that it is preliminary and last year they were off by 5 days. Can this measurement currently be used as proof the conservatives have failed to lower taxes. Probably not, well not yet anyway until they predict a little better.

We all know the conservatives are very conservative when it comes to their numbers (if they report at all) and we also know that Flaherty has no clue and is constantly shifting his principles and his budget. Last years discrepancy was due to the Conservative Government providing their conservative estimates which was wrong. Tax Freedom Day was the same as the previous year under the Liberals so no tax relief last year despite the claim it was 5 days earlier than the previous (2005).

I will comment again when the Fraser Institute puts out the REAL tax freedom day or gives up this stupid exercise. Recommend this Post

Monday, June 18, 2007

A no fly list? Really?

If someone is not safe to fly and may be potentially a terrorist why are they even able to go to the airport in the first place? Shouldn't they have already been arrested by now?

Really. This makes no sense. Ridiculous.

Or is the conservative approach to terrorism is to wait until they fly?

Sounds to me they are importing ideas (GWB) on the fly just to look like they are doing something. Recommend this Post

Where's Tax Freedom Day?

Last year Tax freedom Day(as determined by the Fraser Institute) was on June 19, 2006. Today is June 18, 2007, so where's the early relief from taxes Mr. Harper?

All the supposed "tax cuts" and such for families I was expecting tax freedom day to be today, earlier than last years.

Strange? Not really, I had my taxes go up.

Maybe tomorrow we'll see they haven't provided any more relief since the liberals did in their last year of government.

Oh yeah, the conservatives put that back up didn't they.

Maybe it will be later this year, on June 20. Wouldn't that be a shocker (not to most though).

Maybe the Fraser Institute will keep quiet this year to help their "boys" out. Recommend this Post

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Man Who Sold the World

Thought this was appropriate following Harper's lowest common factor negotiation skills.

Not a fan of Bowie? Here's Nirvana's take.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Calgary to become gay friendly?

Apparently Calgary wants to become a gay friendly city.

Yeah, right. Good luck with that one. That can probably only be achieved through evacuation.

The only city where I have not only witnessed gay bashings but was bashed myself.

Promote all you want, but just hope no one tries to find out through other routes about Calgary's tolerance for homosexuals, which is quite the oxymoron.

Alberta's popularity amongst gays is due to Brokeback Mountain which pretty much sums up how most homosexuals are forced to live in that province. Recommend this Post