Sunday, July 05, 2009

They gotta be kidding.

Ottawa is planning a memorial for communism's victims. This is a bit much don't you think? Elevating a form of government to the holocaust. Its the decisions governments make, how they implement policy that hurts people, not a form of government.

Hitler wasn't a communist yet look at we he did. Should we ban democracy too because that's how Hitler got into power? All it required was messaging and making a group of people look like the cause of society's ills. Much like how Harper derides liberals, homosexuals, or anyone other group that is too smart to vote for him and his ilk. Maybe to be fair they could put in a monument to those who died due to right wing governments. You know those leaders like Hitler, Franco, and Pinochet.

An example of right wing policies killing someone can be seen in the Harris government of Ontario. The Harris government's welfare policies resulted in a pregnant woman in Sudbury, Kimberly Rogers, dying while serving a house arrest for welfare fraud. The woman had been confined to her apartment for three months and reports stated her pregnancy was "exacerbated by sweltering conditions in her apartment". Just a note but this was John Baird's portfolio. So the same beliefs that created this situation lives on in our federal government.

Listerosis anyone?

Stay tuned for China's response. This may just be Harper's "axis of evil" moment. Recommend this Post