Friday, January 09, 2009

We have a Winner...

...for the most idiotic opinion piece ever. Tom Flanagan says Canada is NOT a constitutional monarchy.

Here's a tidbit:

Canada changed from a constitutional monarchy to a constitutional democracy as the franchise was extended to all adults and political parties became national in scope. That evolution was recognized in 1982 in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Whats concerning is the revisionism seen in this piece, he completely reinvents Canada and its institutions. Not to mention the contradictions such as Harper using the means provided by our constitutional monarchy to prorogue parliament yet Flanagan would have us believe that we are not even a constitutional monarchy. Even worse, he doesn't even understand/refuses to acknowledge how our system even works.

I would say that the attempt to whitewash our understanding of our own government borders on treason in its attempt to change how our system works without actually changing it and trying to make us believe we have a system similar to the US. Misinform and take advantage of it to suit your needs.

We don't need any Anti-Canadian neo-con trash telling us what our country is or how it works.

I took democracy in high school Mr. Flanagan, you might want to try the course because your American super expensive education misleads you. Where did you go anyway, Liberty College?

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