Friday, November 13, 2009

Monday, November 09, 2009

#1 Latest Pet Peeve

Conservatives while talking about the money involved in the gun registry have taken to the talking points imagine the social housing and how many single moms we could have helped.

Of course, Conservatives don't believe in social housing and when it comes to Conservatives, especially with Mr Baird, there is no track record with helping any single moms on welfare. Leaving to die maybe.

Conservatives make me sick. For a bunch wrapped up with Evangelicals, they sure lie, cheat, distort and completely lack any morals. Recommend this Post

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I can't argue with this

Rural over-representation defeats the people's will.

20% of the country has more pull than the other 80%.

Its about time that we have a government that represents the people of this country instead of its vast landscape, no matter how beautiful it may be. We end up with a government just as barren as the prairies when it comes to ideas, morals and ability to lead a country.

The 20% that seems to have more power tend to have so few issues they elect members for one thing only. Things such as a gun registry. Is this how we want to run our country? With single issue government? That's all the reform-conservatives are. Its always been about guns and suspected crime in face of stats proving otherwise. Everything else they have promised they have taken half measures or completely neutered it to the point its useless, like the accountability act. We get mandatory election dates that are actually unenforceable. We also get 3 environmental plans yet none get implemented.

Ask yourself. What have the tories done that has improved EVERYONES lives.

They are not the government of canada. They are the Government of Conservatives areas within Canada. They are ignoring everyone else until you give in and elect one of them. Recommend this Post

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wow. They can go even lower than imagined.

Gov't program wants job applicants' views on Tory budget.

Yes, indeed.

You are still in Canada, whether you recognize it or not.

At least the weather is warmer in Zimbabwe.

I though Public Service was anathema to Reform Conservatives. But I guess like pork-barreling, its only bad when others do it. Recommend this Post

Monday, November 02, 2009

Teh Stoopid or How to be a Conservative

One week argue that everyone who has a bicycle should be required to licence it. And then later that everyone with a gun or guns shouldn't have to license them.

There you have it. The bizarre world of conservatism where a bike is a dangerous thing that should be licensed but guns should be freely available and don't you dare ask who has one.

No need to be confused. They never make sense. They are reactionary and have a mean streak. Its not about principle its about being an atrocious human being. You see having a bicycle makes you a tax loving green socialist liberal and thats just wrong but stock piling guns, rifles and automatic machine guns makes you a pillar of the conservative community.

I wonder how much money criminals and criminal organizatons are donating to the conservative cause right now??

Don't give me that BS about a gun not being a weapon unless a human shoots it. That can be said about anything, including illegal drugs. That argument only works on Teh Stoopid aka Conservatives/conservatives/reformers. Recommend this Post