Saturday, May 07, 2011


That was fun wasn't it? Anyone learn their lesson from the wraps on the knuckles? I've avoided politics like the plague since some people acclaimed our version of John Kerry as leader. That's when I gave up.

Now we have a chance to truly rebuild the party into something Canadians can again look to. The interim leader will not be the subject of attack ads since it would be a waste of campaign dollars. Appoint one and keep him/her for 2 years so the party can rebuild under that cover. I won't speculate on the potential leader since I am sure there is a lot of apprehension among those who may be thinking about it. Can't blame them after the full on onslaught of Iggy who bent over and took it. That was the reason for the loss.

I do want to make a point. When the liberals compile a platform again please do not offer things you took from a previous generation. That's not a complete vote getter. I was rather bitter with the learning passport as all assistance when I started university was cut and I was left with debt to my eyeballs that I am still paying off 15 years later. Also being a gay man I have absolutely no use for daycare, or any of the "family pack". I was rather pissed at seeing my tax dollars being spent on a select group of people. Please provide programs that are available to everyone, otherwise it looks like pandering to a subset that leaves everyone else out in the cold. If you want the liberal vote then appeal to liberals not rural conservatives. They don't like you and never will for fictitious reasons.

The results of the election were bad but were necessary. I see a chance to get involved in the part other than being a wallet. The grassroots can be involved again and the business/special interest will be gone. We liberals will get our voice back. Recommend this Post