Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Self Fulfilling Delusions

It appears Harper's got his undies in a bunch once again. A fundraising letter sent out to his faithful continues the trend of blaming everyone else for their woes but this time with an added begging for cash to fix it. This time the finger points at the CBC

It appears the greatest delusion in the conservative grassroots is coming true. the A Reporter for the CBC allegedly has written questions for a Liberal Mp to ask at the Shreiber-Mulroney circus.

The horror.

First of all allegedly. Like the supposed gay agenda, socialist money sucking schemes, every Muslim is a terrorist Far Right Conservative/Republican conspiracy theorist sort of allegedly. These guys/gal make the looney left conspiracists look sane.

They conveniently leave out CBC reporters wrote questions for them to ask during the sponsorship inquisition. damn facts never seem to work well with CPC propaganda.

This is just to rally their most delusional in the wake of crumbling support. The never did get rid of the gun registry, gay marriage, fully return the death penalty or put children as young as 12 in jail so I guess they think they may be losing them.

This liberal media bias needs to be put to rest. It simply is not true. The fact is ,in general, what the conservatives have to say and what their policies do is abhorrent and in no way is news to majority of Canadians. Same old story from the party with the tag "Tory times are hard times". It seems the majority is interested in solutions and modern ways of thinking about issues. If thats what people are interested in then obviously the media reports it. To do otherwise specifically is nothing but party propaganda. Luckily for the liberals and other left we are on the "right" side of what they are looking for politically.

Suck it up.

Let me offer up a scapegoat. The Conservative Appointed Head of the CBC? Doesn't matter he has nothing to do with it but thats the thing about those pesky facts, they can be optional for everyone for blind partisan means. Recommend this Post

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Der PanzerKardinal Addresses his loyal At Christmas...

...And in the process tells his most loyal to spread catholicism worldwide. Forgive me if I am appalled, but when a former member of the Nazi Youth tells an audience to spread any ideology I get a little nervous. Especially with an ideology that has a history of Crusades and other horrors. Not too mention the anti-gay, anti-Jew, anti-Muslim, anti-Atheist, and censorship stances this pope has taken in modern times (John Paul must be rolling in his grave).

Apologists for the pope will tell you he had no choice, etc, etc. Most people stood up for who they were and unfortunately died in the process.

Capitulation is cowardice and NOT a leadership quality.

You sir, had a choice. Recommend this Post

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Jack Ford Story: Newfoundland's POW in Nagasaki

This book is an account of my Great Uncle Jack's time spent as a POW in Nagasaki when the atomic bomb known as "fat boy" was dropped. It was written by Jack Fitzgerald and the interviews took place over the last couple of years and Uncle Jack is still around today.

It covers his enlistment in the Royal Air Force where he joined with the British (Newfoundland was a colony still) and was eventually stationed in Singapore. The Japanese military captured him and many others when they took over Asia and he was ultimately transferred to a prisoner of war camp in Nagasaki.

The account of his time in the camp , during the nuclear blast and his ultimate freedom is quite heart wrenching.

A must read for anyone interested in World War II history.

The Book is published by Creative Book Publishing, ISBN 1-897174-23-3. Recommend this Post

Conservatives, Liberals Statistically tied

A new poll suggests Stephen Harper's Conservatives have lost their big lead over the Liberals, plunging six percentage points in popular support in just one week.

The actual numbers
Liberals: 32
NDP: 15
Greens: 12

Margin of error of 3.1 percentage points 19 times in 20.

Possible Reasons given for the drop:
- Former Tory PM Brian Mulroney's admission he had accepted cash-stuffed envelopes
- Canada's position at the climate-change summit in Bali.
- Medical isotopes shortage due to the shutdown of the Chalk River nuclear reactor and their assigning of blame to everyone but themselves.


Liberals: 41
Conservatives: 31
An increase for the Liberals

Bloc Quebecois: 40
Liberals: 23
Conservatives: 17 per cent
an 11-point drop for the Conservatives

Conservative support plummeted almost 20 points to 45 per cent

British Columbia
Conservative support dropped 17 points to 31 per cent.

Atlantic Canada
Liberals: 36
Conservatives: 33
Conservatives were leading

Among male voters
Conservative support dropped to 32 per cent from 40 per cent.

Rural Voters
Conservatives sank eight points to 35 per cent.


Looks like its across the board regionally and in traditional strongholds and among groups usually most supportive. Lets hope this holds. Stephane Dion in interviews last night said he's saving his policies for the election campaign.

Smart move, Steve has a knack fro stealing Liberal policies. Recommend this Post

Sunday, December 16, 2007

NDP: Not only baseless smears but intolerant too!

I guess we can dispense with the notion that the NDP are a party for minorities completely. In their rush for the centre they seem to have overshot and landed to the far right. It seems that the NDP has dumped a Qubec candidate because she was transgendered. Who would have thought THE NDP, progressive, tolerant, principled, do-gooders of parliament would discriminate based on sexuality? Well. Not surprising really. They have been taking part in smear campaigns as of late so I guess this was a logical next step for a party stuck in the gutter.

Is Jack Laytons still leader? It seems he's never available for comment these days. Maybe its due to all the feet thats been shoved down his throat. Which private clinic is he attending to have those removed I wonder?

Thats okay Jack, the liberals can fill the void you leave plus we can actually form a government.

So I guess when Libby Davies says this its just rhetoric. She obviously does not know what the T in LBGT actually stands for. As a lesbian she should be ashamed to be associated with these people. I wonder if she has ever thought of sitting as an independent or maybe shes just fine with being a sellout to our community.

My advice to Micheline Montreuil is sue, it worked for everyone else and it seems that is all the rage these days with regard to the NDP. They seem to be showering every other party with apologies so why not one of their own?

I guess the real question should be who the hell still supports the NDP and why pray tell? They have violated all they claimed to be and I am left wondering whats left except the cheesy moustache. Recommend this Post

Monday, December 10, 2007

Basket full of lemons and they all taste the same

I find this poll by CTV and Strategic Counsel quite curious. It would appear that the Conservatives are on the wrong side of all the issues Canadians hold dear.

If you look at these results its hard to understand what the current government is thinking and even worse they have completely wasted 31 million dollars in polling firms since they have done exactly opposite of what this poll turned up.

* 1/3 Canadians says that climate change is the biggest threat facing the world today
* 39 per cent think that Canada's foreign policy is less independent than 50 years ago
* 25 per cent believe that Canada's relationship with U.S. is the major factor influencing domestic foreign policy today
* Only 5 per cent say that the Canada-U.S. relationship should be the major factor influencing Canadian foreign policy today
* 33 per cent believe saying 'no' to involvement in Iraq is Canada's greatest foreign policy achievement
* 10 per cent say signing NAFTA was the greatest foreign policy achievement while another 10 per cent say it's the current mission in Afghanistan

The Conservatives have
* Screwed us all on the climate change file, killed what programs that were in place and working and made us a global laughing stock
* The Conservatives have tied us to American foreign policy which influencing our actions on everything. Even selling out our softwood industry.
* Conservatives wish we were in Iraq
* Claim the Afghanistan mission is our defining role currently in the world to no other and not too mention the abandonment of our peacekeeping role. Where was the commemoration for Lester B. Pearson's Peace Prize?

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Lock, Stock-well and Barrel

Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety Has shelved plans to mark legitimately sold guns in Canada, a measure that would help identify where all our guns on the street are coming from. I know the Harper government wants the gun registry scraped because they claim it mistreats legitimate gun holders so why are they protecting people with illegitimate guns? Who are they protecting/ furthering the cause of? Whats the purpose of denying our Police the tools they need to ensure law and order? They want to know personally.

There is no reason in my mind why this would be shelve, except for money from the National Rifle Association, or wanting to give criminals guns. Which is it? Who gave Harper all that cash he refused to disclose the source of?

I do believe we have the answers. Recommend this Post

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The more things change the more it stays the same.

I see the Catholic Church is still involved in censorship, they just downloaded it to the fundamentalist supporters to do their bidding. Having been involved in the past with this subversion of public interest you'd think they'd step back and let people make up their own minds. How fragile is their grip on a child's mind they have to ban a book of fiction?

Then you have Pope Benedict latest screed against atheists saying they are responsible for the "greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice in history" while not even mentioning how the Catholic Church was in bed with fascists in the 1930's. Nor does he acknowledge the millions killed by the combined horrors of the Inquisition, the Crusades, cash for souls programs, continued repression of women, gays, and lets not forget the epidemic of paedophilia flowing from this pious and righteous institution and abstinence programs and misinformation leading to increased HIV infections

If this "entity" wants to retain public dollars for its public school then it should make the same literature available that is found in the real public school board, otherwise pull its funding, and tax the church for advocating on the public dime something no other group can do that receives the same breaks.

Seriously do people actually still think this antiquated bloated propaganda spewing business has any answers relevant to todays life? They have ducked all responsibility for their horrors inflicted on humanity every step of the way without once being sincere and they continue to whitewash their sordid history to this very day.

Sorry Benedict its not the atheists that are evil, we've been exposing you since day one. We're not evil we're just a thorn in your money grubbing ass.

Yes Benedict I know what goes on in your semen seminary schools. I have many gay friends who have quit and told me how much sex fun they had. As much fun as you get in all these male focused religious training schools.

UPDATE (Dec 6, 2007)::Judge suspended for upholding Italy's laws on secularity. Crosses were introduced during Italy's fascist period when as mentioned above the Catholics were cosy with fascists. CBC has a great documentary on this story here (video on side runs approx 17 mins) It is quite disturbing that the Catholic Church would subvert Italy's laws by manipulating the government. No shame and respect for peoples institution, but no surprise. They should have their seat at the United Nations taken away.

UPDATE 2: Be sure to check the comments where a social conservative argues about how the Catholic School Boards are justified in banning "The Golden Compass" by Philip Pullman though he admits he has never read it. A problem common among the bible thumpers. All high and mighty but ignorant on the subject at hand. Relying completely on rhetoric and NO FACTS OR PROOF of anything he said. But don't worry, he's full of faith (aka shit). Running out of baseless rhetoric he attacks EGALE. It ended with a vicious personal attack which I removed.

George Carlin on religion in general. Very amusing and very true.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Take to the streets on December 8 to stop Climate Chaos

Do your part as a responsible citizen and use your right to peacefully protest.

More info

Spread the word.


Just for Raging Ranter to counter his piss poor attempts at denialist propaganda on my blog. Click to enlarge. Check for yourself here. Like I said, this stuff IS my job.

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Is Senator Larry Craig a Skank?

New gay sex allegations levelled against Craig

"Eight men say they either had sex with Sen. Larry Craig or were targets of sexual advances by the Idaho lawmaker at various times during his political career, a newspaper reported.

One of the men is the former escort whose allegations disgraced the Rev. Ted Haggard, former president of the National Association of Evangelicals."

For crying out loud. Come out of the closet and get it over with. You are a married man with 3 children and 9 grandchildren. Is this what conservatives call "family values"?

This man is pathetic. Recommend this Post

Are things fine just because we do it everyday?

Great song by a great artist with exquisite well thought out lyrics. Recommend this Post

Feed Test

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