Monday, May 04, 2009

Neo-con MPs less experienced, and stupid.

And boy, does it show.

It took Flaherty 4 months to realize we are in a recession and he is still scratching his head about how swine flu will affect the pork industry.

Jim, this ones on me. Swine = pork. I know, I know. Its shocking but true Jim. Also bacon and ham. I know it sounds magical but trust me on this. I hope you can make the next connection on your own. (Hint: flu makes people and swine sick and people don't like that).

Then there is Harper whose only policies come from red necks or when it looks like he's about to get the boot, stolen from other political parties.

The dumbing down will continue and the decorum will continue to be childish. That is the only way the neo-con MP's can act and the only way their supporters can understand them.

Sad really as we are all paying the price at this very moment. Recommend this Post