Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Dalton


Could you not have waited until after the recession to bring in the HST?

I am on my 3rd job in one year due to the downturn with each lay-off lasting a month or more. My savings are gone. My transit pass is going to cost me 30+ dollars extra each month starting in January. Groceries are skyrocketing. I make exactly the same as I did last year except ends are not meeting. I've canceled cable, and my home phone and still ends don't meet. I have to live in a building with crack heads living in the stairwells and ends don't meet.

Ontario is becoming way too expensive and your bribe money discriminates against singles. I come from a province which has HST but we lobbed off 4% when we harmonized. You never. I am supportive of the HST but you have fucking shitty timing dude.

I will not vote for you Dalton in the next election. The NDP has my vote next time around. Hopefully you'll remember the little people then instead of business.

Federally the NDP can still kiss my ass. Recommend this Post