Monday, May 11, 2009

So you JUST noticed it Bev. Really?

Oh please like you have any right to talk about guns appearing anywhere.

Bev Oda says she noticed Tamil Tiger flags being flown at the protests, including one in Toronto that shut down a major highway Sunday.

This coming from a representative of the government trying to make it easier to get machine guns and get rid of the gun registry.

Also from the same MP, a hand gun raffle. Don't all conservatives say that hand guns are already banned?

At least they are consistent in their inconsistency. Recommend this Post

Here's an idea that will get the Neo-Cons paying attention to the Tamils.

We all know that Neo-Cons don't care much for anyone once they leave the womb so why not get some stats on unborn fetus's that have died in the latest fighting in Sri Lanka.

Trust me, they will at least pretend to care after that and feign outrage. Its about "looking" concerned with these bunch of a-holes, as they can't care about living people because it means they have to do something.

After looking at comments on various news sites about the Tamils here in Toronto I have arrived at the conclusion that Conservatives are cheap heartless bastards and most definitely not Canadian in the least. Recommend this Post

Monday, May 04, 2009

Neo-con MPs less experienced, and stupid.

And boy, does it show.

It took Flaherty 4 months to realize we are in a recession and he is still scratching his head about how swine flu will affect the pork industry.

Jim, this ones on me. Swine = pork. I know, I know. Its shocking but true Jim. Also bacon and ham. I know it sounds magical but trust me on this. I hope you can make the next connection on your own. (Hint: flu makes people and swine sick and people don't like that).

Then there is Harper whose only policies come from red necks or when it looks like he's about to get the boot, stolen from other political parties.

The dumbing down will continue and the decorum will continue to be childish. That is the only way the neo-con MP's can act and the only way their supporters can understand them.

Sad really as we are all paying the price at this very moment. Recommend this Post

Harper and the Neo-cons spent $1M on phantom appointments commission

So, the question is if this commission has never really fulfilled any mandate , why should we be expected to pay the bill as taxpayers? Sounds like rewarding friends with non existent jobs. You know, money for nothing. None of the 18 recently appointed senators were vetted by this group nor were any other appointed officials by The Harper government which must be in the 200-300 person range.

The Conservatives have a big war chest. How about paying us back that $1 Million? Recommend this Post