Saturday, May 07, 2011


That was fun wasn't it? Anyone learn their lesson from the wraps on the knuckles? I've avoided politics like the plague since some people acclaimed our version of John Kerry as leader. That's when I gave up.

Now we have a chance to truly rebuild the party into something Canadians can again look to. The interim leader will not be the subject of attack ads since it would be a waste of campaign dollars. Appoint one and keep him/her for 2 years so the party can rebuild under that cover. I won't speculate on the potential leader since I am sure there is a lot of apprehension among those who may be thinking about it. Can't blame them after the full on onslaught of Iggy who bent over and took it. That was the reason for the loss.

I do want to make a point. When the liberals compile a platform again please do not offer things you took from a previous generation. That's not a complete vote getter. I was rather bitter with the learning passport as all assistance when I started university was cut and I was left with debt to my eyeballs that I am still paying off 15 years later. Also being a gay man I have absolutely no use for daycare, or any of the "family pack". I was rather pissed at seeing my tax dollars being spent on a select group of people. Please provide programs that are available to everyone, otherwise it looks like pandering to a subset that leaves everyone else out in the cold. If you want the liberal vote then appeal to liberals not rural conservatives. They don't like you and never will for fictitious reasons.

The results of the election were bad but were necessary. I see a chance to get involved in the part other than being a wallet. The grassroots can be involved again and the business/special interest will be gone. We liberals will get our voice back. Recommend this Post

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Conservative Ad

This one has the REAL WOMEN of Canada in it. Quite interesting. It seems they aren't hiding the agenda anymore.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

My 2 cents on Shoppers Drug Mart

When I read stories like this only one thing comes to mind and that is run them out of business. Our government sets policy and business follows it and never the other way around. So Shoppers needs to simmer down and deal with it and adapt their business model. I'd like to know who the hell companies like Shoppers think they are. We are the citizens and our government has spoken and Shoppers will still make an obscene profit.

This is about as close you can get to those "death panels" Sarah Palin talks about and guess what, they consist of shareholders.

There are many small independednt drug stores so get out there and support your local businesses.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Odd.

So the Liberal party is Anti-American? Yet The Cons say that Mr.Ignatieff is an American? Just visiting. An American led Anti American party. That doesn't make sense in the real world but who knows what goes on in the tainted mind of a Conservative/Reformer. It can' t be both.

And what is this about the liberal motion damaging our trade relationship with the US? We do trade with China, no? So how do you think this major trading partner will feel about the ridiculous "Monument to the Victims of Communism"? Anyone tally how many have starved to death or died from poor health due to capitalism?

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Senate, courts would keep Tories in check: Harper (2006)

Ah, the good ole days when people thought he spoke the truth. Remember this:

The Tory leader drove home comments he made Tuesday that the Conservatives would be unable to wield absolute power even as a majority, as they would face a series of checks and balances from Liberal-appointed judges and senators.

"We have no alternative but to accept the checks; they're part of our system," Harper told a news conference in Toronto, facing some of the sharpest questioning he has faced recently.

"Judges are named, (and) judges can't be removed by governments except under extraordinary circumstances."

Harper has vowed to end the Liberal practice of "parachuting" political staffers into civil service positions where they can exert influence.

The Conservative leader also said he believes civil servants would welcome a change in government.

"Obviously, the civil service has worked for many decades much more closely with Liberal governments than others," Harper said.

Well, he ignores rulings from the courts and breaks his own laws. Apparently they are for others, not him. If you dare ask the government about accountability it will take you to court to shut you up. He ignores and gets rid of the countries watchdogs. He shut down parliament to end questions about his actions. He now has a majority in the senate. Did I also mention he violates charter rights?

I hope Canadians realize that all the reassurances from 2006 are gone. They were actually never really there. Its just taken 4 years to destroy our system. There is nothing right now acting as any sort of check or balance. By definition, Mr. Harper IS a dictator at the moment.

Dictator definitions:
* a ruler who is unconstrained by law

* authoritarian: a person who behaves in a tyrannical manner;

* a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.

* A dictatorship is defined as an autocratic form of government in which the government is ruled by an individual, the dictator, without hereditary

It is absolutely imperative that Canadians understand that nothing is stopping this guy anymore. Its time to wise up and do some serious thinking. The next election is key to saving the country as we know it. It may be time to put aside your particular party affiliations and line up behind one party to stop Harper.

I am not saying a majority but at least a strong minority to put Harper where he belongs. On some right wing blow hard talk show host on fox where you can just tune him out for good. We all know that's where he is headed. Why else did he spend our money advertising him self down there lately? Recommend this Post

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mr Colvin, the whistleblower, faces reprisal from the Conservative Government

Just a few years ago when Harper was trying to unseat the Liberals, I remember him trotting out a gentleman by the name of Alan Cutler. This man was the sponsorship scandal whistle-blower who the Reform-Conservatives recruited as the poster boy candidate for accountability. Mr Cutler was recruited as a Reform Conservative candidate. He did and lost. Pierre Poilievre at the time praised the man and said that the government should be paying whistle-blowers to well, blow the whistle.

Fast forward to today and the latest whistle-blower, Mr. Colvin, is not being paid, and instead the government is refusing to pay his legal bills which they are required to.

Governments are usually defeated when they become everything they were against upon election. If that is the case, The Reform-Conservatives have reached that point after just 4 years. They have in essence become as crooked as the government they denounced and replaced just 4 years ago. Not bad. It took liberals 13 years to become so hypocritical people felt it was time to change. Recommend this Post

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where are the new Reform-Conservative Senators?

Could it be Harper knows Canadians are finally watching?

Or is something major going on in the Reform-Conservative Party? Both Flaherty and Flanagan contradicted Harper's excuses for proroguing this week.

Something is going on.

Harper's waited 4 years for this moment. I find it strange the senators seem to be delayed.

Or are they canceled?

I do believe this is the end of Harper. I was apathetic myself about politics but then in 1993, my first vote, I voted Liberal. It was just coincidence that years later I found myself actually agreeing with their policy. I voted Liberal in 1993 purely because it would get rid of the Conservatives, otherwise I would have not voted at all. Harper seems to have created the conditions for this sort of scenario for many people and he will be ousted. Harpers only achievement as Prime Minister will be increasing the voter turnout by giving them a reason to vote.

To vote him out.

PS: Been very busy with new job. My comment section is gone as haloscan is no longer in existence. I will be migrating over to wordpress in the next month or so and comments will return.

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