Monday, February 09, 2009

Tree of Life

Now contrast this with Abrahamic beliefs. 6 days to get to life and they forgot women. Women were an afterthought and made out of a rib bone which if we actually could make anyone from it would be another man since its got XY not XX. Plus we know stem cells are a no no with reluded people. Its never mentioned but did females animals get left out also? Humans supposedly have no connection to animals, and on and on with the complete ignorance of the world around them.

Little did they know and still today they deny the existence of junk DNA, that little bit of info carried forward from the previous species to the newly adapted one, providing a link back to all life's ancestors. It is completely backed up by evidence and requires no faith at all.

Whereas, religious folk, like Stockwell Day, has some sort of dinosaur rodeo envisioned with humans and dinos frolicking together. The only dinosaur in that imagery is Stockwell himself.


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