Friday, January 19, 2007

Stevilocks and the Three Bairds

Once upon a time, there was a little man named Stevilocks. He went for a walk to Parliament. Pretty soon, he came upon the "House" of the three Bairds. He knocked and, when no one answered, he walked right in.

At the desk, there were three publications. Stevilocks was desperate. He read from the first publication.

"This one is too hot!" , he exclaimed, If I acted on this the oil patch would get pissed.

So, he read the second publication.

"This one is too cold!," he said, "No one would vote for me if I did this!"

So, he read from the last publication.

"Oh Oh, This one was right!," he said.

After he'd read from the three Bairds' publications he decided he was feeling a little tired from all the obfuscating, so he went upstairs to the bedroom.

He laid down in the first bed, but it was too hard.

Then he laid in the second bed, but it was too soft.

Then he laid down in the third bed and it was just right. Stevilocks fell asleep.

As he was sleeping, the three Bairds came home.

PC Baird shouted ,"Someone's been sleeping in my bed"

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed, too" screamed CPC Baird.

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed and he's still there!" bellowed 'greenish' CPC Baird while pointing his finger indiscriminately.

Just then, Stevilocks woke up and saw the three Bairds and appointed the 'greenish' CPC Baird the Minister of the Environment. He jumped up, grabbed the 'greenish' CPC Baird and ran out of the room. Stevilocks and the 'greenish' CPC Bairds ran down the stairs, opened the door, and ran away into Stanley Park to throw 2 million dollars at the voters of Vancouver.


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