Thursday, January 18, 2007

BT Circle Jerk

I noticed a poll at yesterday asking "Who do you think would do a better job of protecting the environment?" The numbers currently stand at

Conservatives 5625 votes (44 %)

Liberals 3216 votes (25 %)

NDP 2282 votes (18 %)

Other 1684 votes (13 %)

The poll itself is not strange but the results are. I later came across some blogs, all coincidentally were blogging tories, that were rallying other blogging tories to go and vote (who for I wonder). One blog even mentioned an email that was sent out to other blogging tories, and another had the audacity to proclaim

"First Brian Mulroney is the Greenest PM, and now this!!!!"

Besides throwing up a little in my mouth, I decided to venture over to the dark side, and sure enough they were all mutually masturbating, even fixating on some road kill to help get them off. To their credit they allow girls to take part as well. One blogger even stated that CTV will blame these results on a certain group of bloggers.

No shit. It doesn't take a genius to surf the web.

I had visions of people constantly deleting there caches to vote over and over again, maybe even visiting all their relatives to vote using their computers.

The sound of 5625 one hand claps is by no means deafening.

I thought to myself, do these people actually believe this?

Unfortunately they seem to have created another reality which explains a lot about the blogging tories and the CPC now that I think about it. Why would people think the CPC did anything on the environment or will? The announcements made so far by Harper this week are liberal policies, with some things missing. Later this week they will announce the renamed enerGuide, a program which has been in operation since 1998. Being a very popular program people will notice right away that this new one by the government is not new just missing inspectors. Who are they fooling?

Where were these bloggers for the last 8 years? I would imagine from such behavior that they were still being breast fed or in a snake hibernacula.

I have to say, though, their message is exactly the same as the party they support. Perception is everything, substance is not important. Why would a group of people who never believed in climate change think this PM is doing a great acting on climate change?

Maybe because he's actually doing nothing which they support(ed).

Unfortunately by rehashing the liberal parties policies one year later the governement has accomplished two things.

1) They now have policy,

2) They look like they are doing something (especially with the mistruths they told the voters about the liberal environmental plan)

3) They are not required to do much more (than liberals already had a year ago)

We lost one year that we will never get back and they cannot fix that with another party's policies or a stacked online poll.

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