Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Did Harper lie about effectiveness of Liberal Climate Change Program?

Harper is on record saying that:

"We can't tell the Canadian population to heat its homes one-third less of the time."

Well now, seeing that households make up 25% of the greenhouse gases and industry is responsible for 75% of the greenhouse gases, why did he chose to speak only to households? Is it his wallet he's worried about if he should tackle the major cause of the problem, industry?

Besides, the Liberal Programs appear to be effective according to U.K. Officials who intend on delivery their report to Harpers doorstep . So if the Liberals manged to get homes to reduce, why is Harper saying its not possible?

"EnerGuide for houses, actually averaged a 35 per cent energy reduction on residential heating costs".


''In fact, the Canadian government was helping Canadians reduce their energy bills by one-third, and they were doing it on a daily basis, and (Harper) cancelled the program.''

At least someone did the accounting.

Too bad the Conservatives never before slashing them, saying they were ineffective without even auditing. So if you didn't do the audit, why kill them?

Oh yeah, can't have anything effective in operation if it came from a Liberal. Recommend this Post