Monday, January 15, 2007

Selected Passages from the God Delusion read by Richard Dawkins.

This guy never disappoints, his arguments and answers are always to the point, without waffle, and clearly understood. This man's a genius!

This book has to be the most well written text I have ever had the pleasure to read. With ease he illustrates the ridiculousness espoused by those who chose to believe in something that does not exist rather than believe in people.

This guy is quite a speaker and very funny!

Any argument past and present for the belief in a god are quashed and the flaws in all their arguments exposed for all to see (that is if you allow your self to see the truth). Topics covered are Einstein, the christain pantheon of gods, the polytheistic nature of judaism, origins of morality, and many many more..

There are two parts to these readings below. If you have read it, I welcome your comments on what you thought of this book.

WARNING: If you are a staunch believer of any religion do not watch, it will hurt.

Part 1

Part 2

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