Monday, January 22, 2007

The 'Baird' Minimum

Love that phrase, "Baird" Minimum. Bob Rae coined it on friday I believe.

So we have had a flurry of of announcements reinstating Liberal programs that have been pared down to the point that they are either useless or only available to the affluent.

This is the "Baird" minimum. Just enough to look like they did something, which they did but it was backtracking. We lost a year and whittled down programs will not only fail to recover that year but will also be slightly ineffective in the future, but that is the nature of the 'Baird' minimum.

So they are going to announce mandatory emission caps. When? Will it be in 2050 again? Doubt it. Most likely it will take place like the rest of their announcements last week, sometime in April, after the budget that they could be brought down on. Convenient to say the least. They will look green with the 'Baird' minimum, get the majority they want (not on your life) and then cancel the programs and emissions targets. If they are kept in a minority situation without an election then we can see if they actually are honest brokers.

Which is probably why Stephane Dion may support the budget. He probably can't refuse because some of the budget is for liberal environmental programs (all over again) and it would be nice to hold Harpers feet to the fire for a bit. To see if he is serious and to chop away more of his conservative base because he's acting like a Liberal.

I am still waiting for more. What they announced is less than we already had prior to January 2006.

Mr. Baird, we are still waiting for the Conservative Plan for the environment. Haven't heard anything new yet. Recommend this Post