Friday, January 05, 2007

Did Khan switch for his own personal business interests and his bigoted views on homosexuals?

Khan says

" Liberal party is shifting away from the principles of free enterprise, family values and Canada’s role in the world that are most important to him."
What Khan actually means is that he has a mazda dealership and cuts to greenhouse gases will impact his own personal bank account if carbon taxes are added to fuel and he does not approve of homosexuality, especially SSM which he has voted against.

Good riddance, this guy wasn't a liberal, he was riding the coat tails for purely personal reasons (he couldn't get elected as a Neo-Con). His riding voted in a liberal who would hold up liberal values.

He's toast like Emerson.

Kudos to our next PM, Mr. Dion for cleaning up that mess.

On a personal note, I know Mr Khan and have interacted with him several times. He's a buffoon who doesn't understand climate change and his relusion with regard to social justice has no place in our party.

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