Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Baird's Lawyer Now Registered As A Lobbyist.

In Opposition, the Conservatives railed against what they considered to be a way too cozy relationship between lobbyists and the Liberal government.

They made the Federal Accountability Act and its changes to lobbying rules the centrepiece legislation of their first year in office.

So why did John Baird's lawyer (retained last month over problems as a provincial PC MPP) register as a lobbyist just four days after sending a letter on Mr. Baird's behalf?

I won't comment on the environmental degradation experienced from the Harris years that saw the environmental works of a province (Ontario) that had once led the country in matters of environmental quality hit rock bottom due to partisan initiatives and deregulatory fervour. Oh well, looks as though I did anyhow.

Four days after the letter was sent, on Feb. 9, Mr. Montenegrino registered as a lobbyist for the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association, listing Environment as one of the government institutions covered by the registration. His issues were listed as two private members bills.

Where's the accountability? I wonder who does our "new" governments advertising and is it the same ones who produced those attack ads? Strange We have to ask ourselves these things, seeing we have an accountability act.

Act, of course, being the key word. Act in this case meaning pretending to have certain qualities or state of mind.

They could have at least pretended long enough to get their majority but pigs are pigs and boy do they get hungry and the trough is so full. Recommend this Post