Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sleveen Institute to Baird: Your plan is a cash grab from taxpayers

And I am not impressed.

Mr Baird has said that Dions carbon budget is a cash grab Notice just saying cash grab and not whose cash he is referring to. Apparently Baird thinks its okay to blow our cash but hands off of industry's.

The liberal plan requires that POLLUTER PAY whereas the conservative plan is to make TAXPAYERS PAY money to industries that are posting multiple billion dollar profits.

Why should my tax dollars go to an industry in which I am not employed, own no stocks in, and goes against all my principles? I think more people should be asking why its okay for Canada's "New Government" to hand over cash to an industry posting profits that many countries have never had in their coffers?

If I were to go and but a pair of jeans, should I be expected to send a cheque to the clothing company to subsidize the cost of cleaning up the left over denim? Of course not, its part of the price of doing business. Then why is it ok for big oil to increase cancer levels, destroy the landscape and pump an obscene amount of pollution into our air and then expect money from our pockets to clean up the mess left by their bad business model? There is absolutely no reason why we should. Which is why people should not support the CPC in the next election.

I find it hilarious that Mr. Baird expects to be taken seriously on the environment. This is the same man that is in cahoots with climate change deniers. His only way of dealing with the issue of the environment is to reissue liberal programs because if you don't believe in climate change, how can you expect to address it? Only one way, use programs from people who do understand it.

This situation is confusing. Since when did the CPC think it was ok to waste taxpayers dollars? I always though they were against this especially with their feigned outrage as of late with anything to do with spending of it. The conservative party of low tax and small government is gone. The conservatives are now blowing our cash on everything they can to buy our votes and promote "an image" of being stewarts of thge environment and and the government itself is as large if not larger than ever.

If you care about your money being wasted on companies who can more than afford to pay for their own mess 5 times over then squarely plant your foot in the ass of your CPC MP/candidate in the next election. Recommend this Post