Monday, February 26, 2007

GHG emissions to rise 248% over 2000 levels under Conservatives

So the GHG levels increased 27% under the liberals over 1990 levels. The CPC government so far as constantly derided the Liberals for failing to reduce GHG levels. So what is this all about?

How is a 248% GHG increase over 2000 levels more acceptable? And this is with intensity based targets.

Seems to me people in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks, someone might just throw a throw a mountain back at them.

This is not leadership. Stephen Harper is not a leader. Not only won't he "get it done" but there isn't even an attempt to. None whatsoever. I thought you set a priority Steve. Finding it hard to set priorities? Or is it after the photo op that you start to break them? Recommend this Post