Thursday, March 08, 2007

Baird's lobbyist lawyer also represents Harper and Poilievre

And on top of that he was representing Harper while registered to lobby the PMO. Now the lawyer, Manny Montenegrino, is lobbying the PMO and representing the PM, Baird, and Poilievre due to his penchant to mouth of lies about the Liberal Party (he claimed there are extremists in the Liberal party).

What kind of sordid mess is this? How many conflicts of interest are there in this situation? I dunno, maybe something like if you screw over my chef I will do something on your two issues dealing with sport fishing. Maybe if you clear Poilievre's name there is something in it for you? As well, from yesterday, Baird's lawyer, the same Manny Montenegrino, is lobbying the environment department, the very department his client is the minister of.

Isn't this what the accountability act was supposed to stop? The cozy relationship enjoyed by lobbyists and the PMO was the reason cited by Harper with regard to criticisms of the former Liberal government for the creation of the Accountabilty act. The very act they are currently acting in spirit of even before it passes.

Instead we have an orgy occurring where everyone gets a go with a lawyer named Manny Montenegrino. This government has achieved the same level of dubiousness they associated with the liberals in just 1 year that took the liberals 13 years to get. Who in their right mind wants more of this? Can you imagine the goings on if Harper got his majority? Recommend this Post