Monday, April 30, 2007

Harper Badmouthing our Police

Crime stats show that our honourable men/women in uniform have been doing one heck of a job, yet Mr. Harper continues to bad mouth the record of good work by our police forces.

Mr. Harper needs to take a statistics course as he keeps saying the police have not done their work and that crime is at a all time high. The opposite is actually true. Murder and homicides have decreased every year since the 1970's. Overall crime has decreased dramatically. The only only exception is gang related crime which has increased but hardly warrants all the badmouthing.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dion will reinstate Court Challenges Program and Double Funding!

Now this is the kind of news I like to hear on the 25th anniversary of the Charter.

The charter is the very important to individuals like me. It made me equal to everyone and enshrined that right.

Without it I wouldn't be living the way I do and would have to had to pretend to be someone else and resort secret relationships in back alleys somewhere. I also would not have been able to marry my husband as I wouldn't have any rights anyway.

The Court Challenges Program is central to rights as it enables people to challenge the government even if you cannot afford to. Whose rights should depend on your own personal bank account? That's why the already old "new government" cut the program. They know no one can challenge the courts if they cannot pay the costs, so this is a way of stemming off any further rights and challenges to the government.

Given that the charter is such an important document, I wonder what the conservatives are doing to commemorate this grand occasion for all Canadians?

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Monday, April 16, 2007

PC's didn't run a Candidate against Chretien in 1990

I find this interesting since the NDP are saying the Dion/May thing is unprecedented and undemocratic and the Conservatives saying the Liberals aren't a true national party for not running candidates in all 308 ridings.

Well, the PC's didn't run a candidate against Chretien in the riding Beauséjour in New Brunswick in 1990. Sure it was a by-election but couldn't you argue that the constituents of Beauséjour weren't given a full range of political parties to choose from.

There was no outrage from the leader of the NDP or the PC's in 1990. I consider it now what it was considered then, a common courtesy.

Dion's just passing on the favour initially given by the PC's which at the time was to get the Liberals leader into Parliament.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Flaherty's Income Trust Giveaway

What a genius we have as a finance minister.

In order to stop tax bleeding due to income trusts he decided to levy a huge tax which he claimed fixed the tax leakage. Instead what we have now are foreign investors buying them up where they will now be taxed in ANOTHER country. So we now get no tax from them. So far Flaherty's genius has resulted in 11 Income trust buyouts to date resulting in a 73.2 million tax loss to federal coffers.

What was his intent again? To make them fair or to get rid of them altogether?

This is what you get when you have a party in power that has no clue on how to run a country outside of an election campaign.

Great job Flaherty, a few more months you'll run Canada in to the ground the same way you did Ontario.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Con MPs knew about the RCMP Pension Fund problems months ago

So Harper & Co want to blame the Liberals for the RCMP pension fund scandal. Well, I found this article very very interesting and contrary to their recent assertions. Dare I say the Conservatives lied, again.

" It was all an act. The shock and horror displayed by MPs after whistle-blowers implicated RCMP brass in an alleged pension fund scandal last week was indignation faked for the cameras.

Unless they were wilfully ignorant, the MPs knew everything months ago. All of them.

And if you’re looking for the most bizarre acts of obstruction and interference, look no further than Conservative MPs, possibly acting under orders from above, who voted as a block to sweep the accusations under the rug.

It’s incredible and inexplicable why a government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, which wraps itself in the uniform of aggressive law and order, would vote repeatedly to deny RCMP officers access to the spotlight when they were willing to risk their careers telling the disquieting truth.

But all committee members were hand-delivered the evidence by RCMP whistle-blowers last fall, carefully indexed and the most damning evidence red-flagged, and even after they were given a preview of their testimony, MPs still stonewalled the push to bring the RCMP scandal out of the shadows."

I know I am pissed, any one else?

These guys have put out more than an ample amount of rope to hang themselves with.

Where's the outrage?

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Mary Walsh's Take on a CPC Majority

As was seen and heard at the East Coast Music Awards, Mary Walsh is not fan of Harper and Co., though she does support the Progressive Conservatives from time to time.

I came across these latest comments by Ms. Walsh regarding a Harper majority.

Comments were made during an interview about her new film "Young Triffie" from the play "Young Triffie's Been Made Away With".

Walsh says she fears what might happen if Harper wins a majority government in the next federal election.

"I am not saying that it's going to be a disaster, but it's not going to be like Brian Mulroney," she says. "People are saying we've had Conservatives before, and yes, it's true, but we've never had Reform before, we've never had right-wing evangelical Christian people. We've never had real ideologues; we've had PCs, guys who were the president of the Bank of Nova Scotia."

And Harper is doing what he can to keep those caucus members quiet while he has a minority government, Walsh says.

"He's beginning to look like 33 pounds of condemned veal, isn't he?" Walsh says as Ewanuick bursts into laughter beside her. "I think that his arse getting that big is good so that he can sit on all his members so they're not allowed to speak."

That last paragraph is why I love Ms. Walsh! Plus, she nailed exactly the problem with the CPC.


If you missed the East Coast Music Awards, here you go!

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Taxpayers are paying for the Harper-Williams Duel

Yes you read correctly!

Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans are paying for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador's battle with Ottawa! Its not the PC party of NL fighting, its the government.

Don't laugh mainlanders, you guys and gals (including me) are paying for Harpers return punch! He's fighting back as the Government of Canada not as the CPC. People from NL are paying to fight themselves! Who said the Conservatives couldn't be fun!

And who said Harper never had cash to spend on Newfoundland and Labrador? He's making the ad firms in the province richer! Where have we heard that before? Too bad yet again the taxpayers don't get a break.

Oh, and also, our Conservative Government has increased the size of our Government by 14% ! Are there even any real tories in the Conservative Party anymore? Harper's not only behaving like a Liberal but also like the NDP would if they could ever form a federal government.

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