Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mary Walsh's Take on a CPC Majority

As was seen and heard at the East Coast Music Awards, Mary Walsh is not fan of Harper and Co., though she does support the Progressive Conservatives from time to time.

I came across these latest comments by Ms. Walsh regarding a Harper majority.

Comments were made during an interview about her new film "Young Triffie" from the play "Young Triffie's Been Made Away With".

Walsh says she fears what might happen if Harper wins a majority government in the next federal election.

"I am not saying that it's going to be a disaster, but it's not going to be like Brian Mulroney," she says. "People are saying we've had Conservatives before, and yes, it's true, but we've never had Reform before, we've never had right-wing evangelical Christian people. We've never had real ideologues; we've had PCs, guys who were the president of the Bank of Nova Scotia."

And Harper is doing what he can to keep those caucus members quiet while he has a minority government, Walsh says.

"He's beginning to look like 33 pounds of condemned veal, isn't he?" Walsh says as Ewanuick bursts into laughter beside her. "I think that his arse getting that big is good so that he can sit on all his members so they're not allowed to speak."

That last paragraph is why I love Ms. Walsh! Plus, she nailed exactly the problem with the CPC.


If you missed the East Coast Music Awards, here you go!

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