Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Con MPs knew about the RCMP Pension Fund problems months ago

So Harper & Co want to blame the Liberals for the RCMP pension fund scandal. Well, I found this article very very interesting and contrary to their recent assertions. Dare I say the Conservatives lied, again.

" It was all an act. The shock and horror displayed by MPs after whistle-blowers implicated RCMP brass in an alleged pension fund scandal last week was indignation faked for the cameras.

Unless they were wilfully ignorant, the MPs knew everything months ago. All of them.

And if you’re looking for the most bizarre acts of obstruction and interference, look no further than Conservative MPs, possibly acting under orders from above, who voted as a block to sweep the accusations under the rug.

It’s incredible and inexplicable why a government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, which wraps itself in the uniform of aggressive law and order, would vote repeatedly to deny RCMP officers access to the spotlight when they were willing to risk their careers telling the disquieting truth.

But all committee members were hand-delivered the evidence by RCMP whistle-blowers last fall, carefully indexed and the most damning evidence red-flagged, and even after they were given a preview of their testimony, MPs still stonewalled the push to bring the RCMP scandal out of the shadows."

I know I am pissed, any one else?

These guys have put out more than an ample amount of rope to hang themselves with.

Where's the outrage?

This has to be the most unaccountable, non-transparent government ever to pollute Canadian politics. Recommend this Post