Monday, April 16, 2007

PC's didn't run a Candidate against Chretien in 1990

I find this interesting since the NDP are saying the Dion/May thing is unprecedented and undemocratic and the Conservatives saying the Liberals aren't a true national party for not running candidates in all 308 ridings.

Well, the PC's didn't run a candidate against Chretien in the riding Beauséjour in New Brunswick in 1990. Sure it was a by-election but couldn't you argue that the constituents of Beauséjour weren't given a full range of political parties to choose from.

There was no outrage from the leader of the NDP or the PC's in 1990. I consider it now what it was considered then, a common courtesy.

Dion's just passing on the favour initially given by the PC's which at the time was to get the Liberals leader into Parliament.

Just more feigned outrage all around. Nothing new. Recommend this Post