Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Party Leaders should take a Cue from Spiders

I giant web found in a North Texas park has been found to have been created by a different species of spiders working together. Normally cannibalistic, they worked together to create a giant web, even sharing common strands of webbing.

A variety of spider species built on one another's work to create a sprawling web that blanketed hundreds of yards of trees and shrubs at a North Texas park, according to entomologists who studied the unusual formation.

Heavy rains early this summer created prime feeding conditions for the spiders, which worked collectively to spin a web that nearly covered a pond ripe with mosquitoes and other insects.

Dean studied 250 specimens and identified 12 families of spiders in the same web. He said the most prevalent type is from the tetragnathidae family, which typically weave individual orb-shaped webs.

Personally, I find spiders gross but won't kill any. I just avoid them. But if I stumbled into this web I would ask for a mercy killing. Eeewwww. Just as repugnant as our political parties and their leaders.

Maybe they should also stop being cannibalistic and work together to build a more grand, better Canada. Recommend this Post