Wednesday, September 05, 2007

John Tory's Segregated Schools Promise gets Worst.

So now these schools will be able to teach such topics as creationism (cretinism in my book). Is this supposed to make this idea more palatable? If anything, it confirms what I though would be taught which was the reason for my initial refusal to ever vote for John Tory. This is very bitter icing to put on that cake.

Whats wrong with having ALL our students learn about scientific truths backed up by hard science? Why would you want to send children out to a segregated school to learn about lies, mistruths and a bastardization of science?

John Tory you are a complete idiot.

Creationism is not even doing so well in the US, why would you want to import such a false idea into Ontario and have it taught in what you call a religious "Public" school which is open only to certain segments of the public? Why? Why? Why?

Why do you equate creationism as an equivalent alternative to scientific fact? Is it because it got equal consideration in the southern trailer parks? Thats not proof of truth Johnnie boy, it just means a couple people paid attention to a retard and thought he had a good idea.

My vote is now solidly behind Dalton. I was going to oppose his half ass plan which kept an elite group in their own "public" school and vote Green. But now my vote is going to Dalton to make sure that John Tory and his air brain segregated indoctrination centres stay only as a campaign promise.

Why in hell would anyone allow the teaching of something evangelicals cooked up in the last 20 years because they are on the wrong side of science is beyond me. Why a politician would allow it is absolutely a travesty and a betrayal of the people he would be responsible for. Recommend this Post