Friday, September 21, 2007

Diane Finley permits Jamaican rapper advocating deaths of gays into Canada.

Diane Finley wouldn't prevent Elephant Man, aka O'Neill Bryan from entering Canada. Besides his music being crap it also preaches killing homosexuals and even torching them alive. He writes such enduring beautiful lyrics such as a song called Log on.

Log on and step pon the chi chi man
(Log on and step on the queer man)
Dance wi a dance and a bun out a freaky man
(Join our dance and let's burn out the queer man)
Step pon him like a hold cloth
(Step on him like an old cloth)
A dance wi a dance and a crush out a bingi man
(Join our dance and let's crush queer men)
Do di walk, mek mi see the light and di torch dem fast
(Do the walk, let me see the lighter and torch*)

*lighter and torch: makeshift flame-thrower made from an aerosol can

Disgusting and conservatives consider this stuff "free speech" when it is obviously hate speech directed at a minority group. Substitute gay for any religion or ethnic group and this guy would have been sent away as soon as he arrived.

Instead we see him welcomed with open arms in Edmonton.

My advice to anyone who thinks this is horrendous and very un-Canadian is to take a walk down to Gingur Sky Lounge located at 15505 118th Ave, Edmonton and make your displeasure very well heard. Then whip of an email to Diane Finley telling her to go f**k herself because she doesn't know how to do her job, other than cruising around in limos for her eyes or some nonsense.

Jamaica might be proud to be the only country in the New World that allows the murder and rape of homosexuals but that doesn't mean we have to be proud to share an hemisphere with them.

Hamilton has cancelled the Elephant Man concert and here in Toronto, protests are planned for friday (the date of his concert here). The venue being used for this concert is the same as Prizm, a gay event and one of many that our community has at Kool Haus (Guvernment) and they have been advised of lost business if this concert goes forward. The owners of the venue claim to have been away when this concert deal was signed. They claim there is nothing they can do. Bullshit, their is always a choice and I am sure numerous lawsuits are in the works for enabling hate speech by providing a venue.

Oh and you can send your complaints to Dianne Finley, Useless "Heritage Minister".

Parliament Hill
Room 707, Confederation Bldg House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
Phone:(613) 996-4974
Fax:(613) 996-9749

Simcoe Riding Office
70 Queensway West
Simcoe, ON
N3Y 2M6
Ph:(519) 426-3400
Toll Free:(866) 496-3400
Fx:(519) 426-0003

Dunnville Riding Office
231 Chestnut Street
Dunnville, ON
N1A 2H2
Ph:(905) 701-1881
Fx:(905) 774-9281


All Elephant Man and Sizla concerts have been canceled in Southern Ontario, including Toronto and Hamilton. The fight is now in Ottawa where stupid people at a university booked this duo to perform in a place of higher learning. What retards. I am sure they will cancel as well. I am quite pleased to see that therewas enough support in Ontario from all communities to stop this concert of hate from going ahead.

Of course, we wouldn't have had this attack on our communities had Dianne Finley done her job properly. Really whats her purpose anyways? Limousine seat warmer??

Update 3

Its official! The concerst have all been canceled. The star mentions the federal government's silence on this issue.

Akim Larcher, founder of Stop Murder Music Canada – a coalition made up of 20 organizations that promote human rights – says the federal government has remained silent in this issue.

"They shouldn't have been allowed to get visas to perform in the country. It's not about censorship or artistic freedom. That stops when hate propaganda is involved," says Larcher.

Unfortunately it really isn't that surprising. The Conservative federal government has not done much to protect anyones rights during their tenure. Recommend this Post