Monday, September 17, 2007

John Tory & Deciding What Your Taxes Pay For

The position usually taken by proponents for funding "segregated" religious schools is that they are paying money into a system which they don't use and they want their funding to go towards religious education at a private school soon to be public school.

Well, lets look at that argument. Me and my husband are currently paying into public education but we have no children. Hell, a lot of Ontarians are paying into both public and catholic systems when they have no kids. So shouldn't our money go to where we need the services? Preferably I'd rather get a lower tax bill or even have the funding deposited back into my bank account. I have had to visit a doctor more this year than the last so can't my money be directed to others services that I ACTUALLY use?

Its also evident that some communities based on a religious lifestyle choice would definitely not be able to pay for their public schools based on what is collected from tax payers of that lifestyle choice. In this situation where does the extra funding come from? John Tory hasn't said from what I have seen or read so its probably safe to assume it comes from our tax dollars. So now we are going to be getting into a convoluted process of money going to your choice but not all since some other boards can't pay for themselves. Thats not where I want my money. Its bad enough paying for public education I don't use but as an atheist I will protest my cash going to a school based on a lifestyle choice such as religion.

So if you don't use doctors, ask John Tory to stop all your payments for it. Hell lets stop paying all our taxes until the government lets every individual decide where the government spends every cent of our tax money.

Makes a lot of sense doesn't it? Not really, but in the conservative world it seems to. Recommend this Post