Thursday, July 26, 2007

It begins!

I have to clarify right away that this is not me sending this letter to the Globe and Mail, though I will admit to leaving Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster paraphernalia thoroughout the TTC as of late.

This is what John Tory's stupid segregated religious schools plan for Ontario will bring. With about 100 religions registered we are headed for a huge F**king mess and a massive loss of tax dollars into the indoctrination of others and even the catholics will pay for the religious education of other religious groups.

I am still waiting for a letter from John Tory about his plan to help fund the Church of FSM schools and Scientology schools as well. No response yet and most likely I shouldn't expect one.

Rob Shirkey of Toronto if you see this contact me. The more of us that band together the more likely John Tory will see us as worth the votes and give us a school as well because it IS shameless pandering and dangerous at that.

What does it mean when you get two "bounced" emails that look suspect and a read receipt for one? It means John Tory's Conservatives (The P word is silent) have created a really bad campaign issue for themselves and they are dodging it big time.

Note to Ontario's Conservative (PC) Party, when an email gets bounced it doesn't just have "This email wasn't delivered" typed on the top and servers don't take a week to process unless absolutely everything about your party is out of date. It also has routing information contained in it. Duh. Recommend this Post