Thursday, July 05, 2007

Gay Man Taunted by police gets $28,400

A 29 year old man who was taunted by police in Trinidad and Tobago was awarded $28, 400 after being forced to stand nude for three hours while officers made fun of his penis.

Why is it that no matter which country you look at, police are always involved in these types of things. Things like pepper spraying infants, teenage rape, preventing the exercising of rights or accepting bribes

Its obviously not part of their oath so what is the root of these problems? Is it the power they are given goes to their heads? Is it related to some types who are drawn to the police force? Do they feel that they are above the law and they think they've been given the power to interpret the law as they see fit?

Personally, I don't know but I do know that I have less confidence in police than I have ever had in my life. A friend of a friend was caught drunk driving going the wrong way on a one way street while speeding with no lights on. [This is not a Canadian example before you NeoCons start freaking out and accusing me of hating police.] Did he go to jail? Get fined?


Cost him 5 bucks which he gave to the cop, it was all he had. Recommend this Post