Friday, July 06, 2007

The Climate Lottery

This is a great way to look at the issue of global warming induced climate change and what it means if we do nothing as opposed to doing everything in our power.

The planet's complex and varied systems are extremely difficult to have full knowledge of and its pretty obvious that there are more than we know of yet. We cannot afford to wait. The cost of waiting and being wrong would be devastating.

Below you will see a table. To those who have done genetics or biology courses will recognize it is similar to a genetic cross.

As you will notice there are two columns; A and B. If you treat these columns like a lottery ticket and assess your odds you will see that one ticket is better than the other.

Lottery Ticket A - Take Action.

If we take action on global warming and we were wrong then a global depression is possible. We have had them before and we have obviously survived and thrived better than ever. If we take action and we were right about global warming then we have a big win, we saved the world so to speak.

Lottery Ticket B - Don't Take Action

If we don't take action and it turns out global warming is not occurring then we win. But and a big but at that, if we don't take action and global warming is real then we will have a complete economic collapse that we may never be able to pull out of, mass extinctions, violent weather, crop losses, food shortage, sever coastal erosion, flooding, sea level rise swamping low level areas.

There is a greater negative associated with doing absolutely nothing than doing something.

This science teacher in this youtube video explains it as well.

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