Monday, January 25, 2010

Mr Colvin, the whistleblower, faces reprisal from the Conservative Government

Just a few years ago when Harper was trying to unseat the Liberals, I remember him trotting out a gentleman by the name of Alan Cutler. This man was the sponsorship scandal whistle-blower who the Reform-Conservatives recruited as the poster boy candidate for accountability. Mr Cutler was recruited as a Reform Conservative candidate. He did and lost. Pierre Poilievre at the time praised the man and said that the government should be paying whistle-blowers to well, blow the whistle.

Fast forward to today and the latest whistle-blower, Mr. Colvin, is not being paid, and instead the government is refusing to pay his legal bills which they are required to.

Governments are usually defeated when they become everything they were against upon election. If that is the case, The Reform-Conservatives have reached that point after just 4 years. They have in essence become as crooked as the government they denounced and replaced just 4 years ago. Not bad. It took liberals 13 years to become so hypocritical people felt it was time to change. Recommend this Post