Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where are the new Reform-Conservative Senators?

Could it be Harper knows Canadians are finally watching?

Or is something major going on in the Reform-Conservative Party? Both Flaherty and Flanagan contradicted Harper's excuses for proroguing this week.

Something is going on.

Harper's waited 4 years for this moment. I find it strange the senators seem to be delayed.

Or are they canceled?

I do believe this is the end of Harper. I was apathetic myself about politics but then in 1993, my first vote, I voted Liberal. It was just coincidence that years later I found myself actually agreeing with their policy. I voted Liberal in 1993 purely because it would get rid of the Conservatives, otherwise I would have not voted at all. Harper seems to have created the conditions for this sort of scenario for many people and he will be ousted. Harpers only achievement as Prime Minister will be increasing the voter turnout by giving them a reason to vote.

To vote him out.

PS: Been very busy with new job. My comment section is gone as haloscan is no longer in existence. I will be migrating over to wordpress in the next month or so and comments will return.

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