Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cash for Souls: Missionaries nothing more than parasites?

I called this one long ago and had a freak claim otherwise and get nasty so imagine my surprise last night when CBC showcased what has happened in Thailand since the tsunami.

Missionaries swarmed the country post tsunami supposedly to help end the misery but instead they brought more. Promising no more Tsunamis if you convert, giving cash to people so they would convert, approaching entire towns and denying assistance unless the whole community converted. Makes my stomach turn.

Besides peddling delusional lies, they have destroyed many people's traditional lifestyles in the process.

These groups should be banned completely worldwide. If we look at our past we can easily see they haven't changed their wicked ways one bit. Despite the claims of the terribly delusional Adam (commentor from the post linked above)

Anyhow, the video is available here and I think its about 15 minutes.

And to you religious crazies, don't bother to comment. You exist in a realm where facts are considered false and the most delusional thoughts are the truth. I have no desire to have a "conversation" about your baseless fabrications thank you. Recommend this Post