Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thoughts on Monday's By-Elections in Toronto-Centre

Last night I had a gathering at my home with friends. One of the many topics that came up were Monday's by-elections as we are in Toronto-Centre. There were 11 of us present and I know that 5 of us vote liberal, with the other 6 voting NDP. In the past of course. Monday I believe will show some problems for the NDP. Only one of the 6 of my friends who vote NDP will be doing so in the by-election. Three seem to be leaning Green and two to the liberals. The main reason that I could get from the discussion about changing vote was mainly from the strategy the NDP are using. We are all familiar with how Harper bully's the Official Opposition, something that would happen to any party if they were the Official Opposition in this parliament, it is what we all hate most about how Harper governs, no matter which party, one time or another all the opposition parties have felt this.

The government staged a whole set of confidence votes to cause an election that frankly right now would possibly bring in a conservative majority. If your a partisan hack sure you could spin it as something needed to be done but the average progressive sees it as pranks that risk the progressive society we have and could care less right now about party politics. So what do we see occurring? The NDP are also trying to play these games of setting traps and wants to trigger an election because it thinks it can get some of the liberal vote. On top of that its blatantly obvious that Layton is making good use of the Conservatives giving them a free ride. The possibility that in a single election cycle the NDP could get enough votes to secure a majority and save our progressive society is a pipe dream. It's impossible, so people who could care less about party politics are seemingly moving to either back the liberals to block the conservatives or are moving to the Greens because they are disturbed by the campaign literature that has been handed out by the NDP which I am told is along the same lines as the stuff the Conservatives are using. The "not a leader" type stuff. The now former dippers say thats what they hate about the Harper government, the negativity, so why would we support it in the NDP? We want it gone not more of it. The new Greens say they want a new voice, a new party. The new reluctant new liberals say they want Harper out, even if it means they have to vote Liberal. (Not flattering but hey its a vote!)

It seems other Dippers are moving to the Greens for other reasons.

Now, of course, this is just commentary from a group of people and may in no way reflect on what happens on Monday. I believe, though, we will see something interesting. On Monday, the Liberals will increase the amount of the vote from the last election for Toronto-centre and the Greens will come in a strong second. Where the NDP will place I don't know. I think the Conservatives and NDP will be battling for third and fourth. Hopefully the Canadian Action Party comes in dead last. Really, who would vote for a party that has "911 was an inside job" posters and various other conspiracy theories you see on the far left but at the same time they are anti-semitic and anti-immigrant like you usually see on the far right. What a f**ked up mixed bag of kookery.

What happens in the other three ridings having a by-election, I have no idea. Recommend this Post