Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The more things change the more it stays the same.

I see the Catholic Church is still involved in censorship, they just downloaded it to the fundamentalist supporters to do their bidding. Having been involved in the past with this subversion of public interest you'd think they'd step back and let people make up their own minds. How fragile is their grip on a child's mind they have to ban a book of fiction?

Then you have Pope Benedict latest screed against atheists saying they are responsible for the "greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice in history" while not even mentioning how the Catholic Church was in bed with fascists in the 1930's. Nor does he acknowledge the millions killed by the combined horrors of the Inquisition, the Crusades, cash for souls programs, continued repression of women, gays, and lets not forget the epidemic of paedophilia flowing from this pious and righteous institution and abstinence programs and misinformation leading to increased HIV infections

If this "entity" wants to retain public dollars for its public school then it should make the same literature available that is found in the real public school board, otherwise pull its funding, and tax the church for advocating on the public dime something no other group can do that receives the same breaks.

Seriously do people actually still think this antiquated bloated propaganda spewing business has any answers relevant to todays life? They have ducked all responsibility for their horrors inflicted on humanity every step of the way without once being sincere and they continue to whitewash their sordid history to this very day.

Sorry Benedict its not the atheists that are evil, we've been exposing you since day one. We're not evil we're just a thorn in your money grubbing ass.

Yes Benedict I know what goes on in your semen seminary schools. I have many gay friends who have quit and told me how much sex fun they had. As much fun as you get in all these male focused religious training schools.

UPDATE (Dec 6, 2007)::Judge suspended for upholding Italy's laws on secularity. Crosses were introduced during Italy's fascist period when as mentioned above the Catholics were cosy with fascists. CBC has a great documentary on this story here (video on side runs approx 17 mins) It is quite disturbing that the Catholic Church would subvert Italy's laws by manipulating the government. No shame and respect for peoples institution, but no surprise. They should have their seat at the United Nations taken away.

UPDATE 2: Be sure to check the comments where a social conservative argues about how the Catholic School Boards are justified in banning "The Golden Compass" by Philip Pullman though he admits he has never read it. A problem common among the bible thumpers. All high and mighty but ignorant on the subject at hand. Relying completely on rhetoric and NO FACTS OR PROOF of anything he said. But don't worry, he's full of faith (aka shit). Running out of baseless rhetoric he attacks EGALE. It ended with a vicious personal attack which I removed.

George Carlin on religion in general. Very amusing and very true.

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