Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Self Fulfilling Delusions

It appears Harper's got his undies in a bunch once again. A fundraising letter sent out to his faithful continues the trend of blaming everyone else for their woes but this time with an added begging for cash to fix it. This time the finger points at the CBC

It appears the greatest delusion in the conservative grassroots is coming true. the A Reporter for the CBC allegedly has written questions for a Liberal Mp to ask at the Shreiber-Mulroney circus.

The horror.

First of all allegedly. Like the supposed gay agenda, socialist money sucking schemes, every Muslim is a terrorist Far Right Conservative/Republican conspiracy theorist sort of allegedly. These guys/gal make the looney left conspiracists look sane.

They conveniently leave out CBC reporters wrote questions for them to ask during the sponsorship inquisition. damn facts never seem to work well with CPC propaganda.

This is just to rally their most delusional in the wake of crumbling support. The never did get rid of the gun registry, gay marriage, fully return the death penalty or put children as young as 12 in jail so I guess they think they may be losing them.

This liberal media bias needs to be put to rest. It simply is not true. The fact is ,in general, what the conservatives have to say and what their policies do is abhorrent and in no way is news to majority of Canadians. Same old story from the party with the tag "Tory times are hard times". It seems the majority is interested in solutions and modern ways of thinking about issues. If thats what people are interested in then obviously the media reports it. To do otherwise specifically is nothing but party propaganda. Luckily for the liberals and other left we are on the "right" side of what they are looking for politically.

Suck it up.

Let me offer up a scapegoat. The Conservative Appointed Head of the CBC? Doesn't matter he has nothing to do with it but thats the thing about those pesky facts, they can be optional for everyone for blind partisan means. Recommend this Post