Sunday, December 16, 2007

NDP: Not only baseless smears but intolerant too!

I guess we can dispense with the notion that the NDP are a party for minorities completely. In their rush for the centre they seem to have overshot and landed to the far right. It seems that the NDP has dumped a Qubec candidate because she was transgendered. Who would have thought THE NDP, progressive, tolerant, principled, do-gooders of parliament would discriminate based on sexuality? Well. Not surprising really. They have been taking part in smear campaigns as of late so I guess this was a logical next step for a party stuck in the gutter.

Is Jack Laytons still leader? It seems he's never available for comment these days. Maybe its due to all the feet thats been shoved down his throat. Which private clinic is he attending to have those removed I wonder?

Thats okay Jack, the liberals can fill the void you leave plus we can actually form a government.

So I guess when Libby Davies says this its just rhetoric. She obviously does not know what the T in LBGT actually stands for. As a lesbian she should be ashamed to be associated with these people. I wonder if she has ever thought of sitting as an independent or maybe shes just fine with being a sellout to our community.

My advice to Micheline Montreuil is sue, it worked for everyone else and it seems that is all the rage these days with regard to the NDP. They seem to be showering every other party with apologies so why not one of their own?

I guess the real question should be who the hell still supports the NDP and why pray tell? They have violated all they claimed to be and I am left wondering whats left except the cheesy moustache. Recommend this Post