Thursday, June 28, 2007

What the hell is wrong with the Brotens ?

As an environment minister there should not be four cars and a double garage with a lift!

Two adults and two newborns do not require 4 vehicles. Buying a shitload of cars because your husband is a "country boy" is a very very shitty excuse. I grew up the same way and tricked out my own muscle car. I sold that many years ago and now have a fuel efficient vehicle.

This "country boy" excuse for excessive emissions is also THE major problem with the CPC (ie. NASCAR ads, etc.) and most likely the reason why its base votes for them. They are all country boys who care only for their toys and nothing or anyone else.

Why such a sense of entitlement?

People expect an example from those they elect (since they tell us how to reduce), and I can tell Ms. Broten and Mr McGuinty and other hypocrites in the party that I'll be voting Green or maybe NDP provincially in the next election unless they ALL get there act together. John Tory can still kiss my ass, no more Mike Harris-esque governments.

The two storey garage has been cancelled but the problem I had was not totally with the garage but two sports cars and two hybrids.

You are an environment minister for crying out loud. Do you necessarily need two sports cars you can't drive any faster than your hybrids, legally?

Way too excess for this voter. I think I am going Green provincially.

Besides, Ms. Broten saw nothing wrong with this until there was outrage. You should have just known better Ms. Broten.

Update 2:
Conservative commenter Torian has taken issue with my broad sweeping generalizations of what constitutes a Conservative. I offer this description from a more conservative media outlet.

"Conservative supporters tend to be men, individuals aged 55 and older, and people without a post-secondary education."

Old and/or undereducated for todays modern society.

So I guess I am too young and too smart for John Tory. Recommend this Post