Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yet More on Tax Freedom day: CTV pushes CPC propaganda

This is my third post on this mundane stupid concept.

Yesterday I mused about what purpose using this crappy measurement has. I mentioned the possibility of propaganda by political party's and how giving the Fraser Institute very conservative numbers paints you as a tax cutter but in actuality at the year end when the full figures come it, it becomes obvious they lied.

Last years date was originally June 19 but then became June 24. This years date is Today (June 20), one day later than last year unless you consider the real day at year end.

This what CTV does. They are comparing last years final date to this years interim one. To make it worst they make the following claim

"This year the day arrives four days earlier than last year, partly because of the federal government's one-cent reduction of the Goods and Services Tax that took effect halfway through 2006."

They are wrong. They are basing this on information the government chose to give them, when they know full well that media won't update that date when it is finalized.

CTV is pushing propaganda by making wild claims about GST making tax freedom day earlier when they actually don't have the full information on this yet.

Then there is this:

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has said the institute's method of calculating the date each year is based on average family income, rather than median income.

If CTV is going to use this as a story they should at least check out all the angles. They are using the same guy I contacted as a source. Strange they didn't get the same information I did. Recommend this Post