Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Poll: Most find anti-Dion CPC ads unfair

Most find anti-Dion Tory ads unfair: poll No surprise there. Bad mistake from the start.

38 per cent of respondents -- out of a sample of more than 1,000 -- recalled seeing the attack ads.

Of that 38 per cent (388/1000 people)

59 per cent said the ads were not fair in how they described Dion
22 per cent felt the ads were fair.

2/3 of the respondents said the information in the ads was not relevant to their choice in the next federal election
26 per cent said it was relevant

margin of error is +/- five percentage points, 19 times in 20

Here's the clincher
1/3 of those who recalled seeing the Conservative ads said they saw them only in the news media, and not as paid TV spots. Thats 1/3 of 38 per cent of those who saw the ads. 2/3 saw it either at the super bowl or in media and super bowl.

The very same news media where Dion was also given time to speak in response to the ads.

What a failure. No bang for the buck there.

If I were a supporter of the CPC, I know I would be tightening my purse strings and asking what were they thinking wasting our donations like that. Recommend this Post