Monday, February 11, 2008

Yes We Can

All I can say is wow. What a powerful speaker and a powerful song.

This is the change that America needs and hopefully a little will rub off on our population because we also need change from what we currently have taking up useful space at 24 Sussex. Oh and in this video, an Ontarian named Esthero (a self described liberal and Humanist) makes a contribution to the vocals.

Why Change?

The change these people are singing about is not necessarily a new face. Change refers to the end of divisive politics. You know those tactics adopted by the Republicans and the Conservative Party of Canada. The tendency to speak in black and white, never admitting blame, preferring instead to blame a perceived enemy (liberals) for everything. If you don't agree with conservatism its because the liberals have ruined the country and everyone is tainted instead of admitting their policies stink. Basically how we've been governed these past 2 years.

The question is do we prevent it from getting worse or do we let it go on until we are begging for it?

I prefer to be proactive. Harper gotta go. Recommend this Post