Friday, February 15, 2008

Memorial honouring Gay Holocaust Victims to be built.

This has been a long time coming. Homosexuals, originally, were not considered victims of the holocaust and Between 5000 and 15,000 were held in concentration camps as members of an anti-social group. 60% of these people died while in camps. Many Nazi soldiers would use the pink triangle tattoo forced on them as identifiers as a target to shoot at.

Unfortunately it didn't stop there. After WWII, Gay men were not recognized as victims of the Holocaust and were re-imprisoned by the authorities because of their sexuality and were denied the reparations and state pensions available to other groups.. In 2002, the German government pardoned the gay men who were imprisoned by Nazis.

The design of the Memorial to homosexuals will be similar to the one picture above for the Jewish victims.

Many on the right (wingnuts) frequently reference the Holocaust as the reasoning for supporting the Jewish people and Israel, yet cannot afford the same respect to other victims of the holocaust. Bigots such as SDA come to mind but no one expects much better of such people. In one post she pays respect to the Victims of the holocaust and the next she is making jokes out of the tattoos that were forced on the victims of the Holocaust. See how that works? Its an attempt at inoculation. I have also read a couple posts at the Blogging Tories about a so-called "brown threat" and insinuating all Muslims have a secret agenda. Thats how the Nazi's turned its population against Jews. Spreading falsehoods about a minority group of people and because the average person doesn't know much about said group they are more likely to believe what others tell them.

Governments on the other hand shouldn't be ignored when acting similarly. The current government has taken to trying to rescind same sex marriage rights or play little games with age of consent. Treating gays and Straights differently when both are equal citizens of this country. They seem to have found more votes in their bigoted core voter base than they could ever get treating people equally but then again fascism does come from the right side of the political spectrum and the current one does employ some similar techniques when it comes to dividing a population and turning it on itself for political gain. I'm not saying that our current government are fascists but they seem to have no qualms about where they get their techniques (blaming a group for everything they fail at or are unable to do) in their continually failing attempt to secure a majority government. We have division in this country now that is the worst I have ever seen for Canada and its not over an important issue facing the nation like free trade or GST. Its more McCarthyish with Communist replaced by Liberal. Recommend this Post