Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tories Try to block Afghan Detainee Probe & Fail!

Today the Conservatives spent 5 hours trying to prevent a probe into the Afghan detainee mess but lost their guts when members of the media showed up.

It was amusing to see government members "roll over" within moments of the news media arriving, said other opposition members.

I can imagine, its very titillating to just hear of it. Maybe we should have media present at all times to keep this CPC government on the straight and narrow during their perpetual election campaign which seems to have slowed down with their nose dive in the polls.

As I mentioned they failed to block the probe and it will be going ahead with a the report due possibly in the fall. Lets hope they get it done sooner. I am sure the CPC will suffer considerably from this as it is pretty obvious to Canadians that Canada's New Government is starting to take on that old stench of corruption.

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