Friday, May 18, 2007

Harper Doesn't care about Canadian Strippers

Steve thinks that foreign strippers are being exploited so he has decided to stop them from entering the country even though only a dozen or so came in last year.

The question that needs to be asked is why does he want to protect only foreign strippers?

Domestic strippers are open to the same exploitation but Stevie doesn't care about Canadians apparently.

Instead of banning strippers, why not work on the exploitation issue for all strippers?

Unless this is less about strippers and more about social conservatism. There is a shortage here and without strippers, strip clubs have no entertainment.

Now why would so-cons want strip clubs shut down?

Maybe so husbands will spend more time at home making babies.

From my experience, every born again I came across had to be born again because of the wreck of a life they led up to that point; alcoholism, infidelity, drugs, hookers, spousal abuse, theft, etc. Many had to be born again again.

Rather than deal with the personal issues these individuals have and take responsibility for it, they blame society and go take another dunk in the river.

Put your problems in god's hands and distance yourself from any responsibility.

Not very mature or good for oneself. Recommend this Post