Friday, September 29, 2006

Seal activists have officially gone way too far

How can you possibly feel for the seal rights activist groups when they not only attack the seal industry but have now ventured into Newfoundland and Labrador's tourist industry with a propaganda Newfoundland and Labrador tourist site. It looks harmless at first, actually looks kind of legit until you check out a few links and its purpose becomes quite apparent.

My former home province has always had the shitty end of the stick when it comes to most everything, our fishery is in it's death throes, the seal industry for all intents and purposes ended this year after Europe decided not to purchase seal pelts or products anymore, and Danny Williams is scaring away all the oil investment. This latest victimisation of my home province by these activists aims to destroy the only industry that delivers to all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians and not just sealers. The creators of the site — www.tour-newfoundland — have shielded their identity by using an Arizona-based privacy-protection firm to register it so attempts to take it down will fail.

I personally am an animal lover, and I can relate to some of the issues the activists have but summary conviction of a people and destruction of an industry in Canada's poorest province is more than a little petty, its inhuman. Recommend this Post

Thursday, September 28, 2006

5 things that feminism has done for me

Nicole at Naught by Nature has tagged me to list 5 things that have feminism has done for me.

Here goes:

1) Feminism has given me an equal but different partner in humanity. A much needed different point of view.

2) Feminism gave me a mother who could stand up for herself, and in doing so she was also standing up for me.

3) Feminism saved my dear friend Kathryn from the violence of her husband.

4) Feminism gave me the backbone and know how and how to on how to stand up for my rights as a gay male.

5) Feminism gave me the greatest boss in the world. Recommend this Post

Only thing worst than liars are two faced ones.

There seems to be a stampede to register as a tory lobbyist prior to the enactment of the very law the CPC devised to stop lobbyist. So what is it Mr. Harper? No lobbyists or just no lobbyists other than regressive conservative ones? And surprise they used their new lobbyist powers to kill any threat to further profit and pollution.

I'll say it again, these revolting pigs don't deserve the air they breathe. Recommend this Post

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

He's my wife??

Being recently married I have notice the deluge of mailings that get sent to the 'woman' of the house. You may have seen these. Items sent to Ms. Husbands Name or mailings with Ms. tacked onto your own name.

I find myself in a situation that I find hilarious but pisses off my husband. You see, we are a same sex married couple and I am caucasian and he's south asian. My name stands out as a male, his is rare and from asia and people don't know what to make of it so the assume that because we are married he has to be the wife. A false assumption in Canada since 2004.

In the mail my husband receives 'Elle" magazine, free issues of 'Homemaker', feminine hygene product samples, womens perfume and even a letter addressing him as Ms. from the government. I think it is trivial and there are good recipes in Homemaker and I can use ladies shaving cream samples. Of course it does not help when I walk in the door with the latest 'Elle' and tell him that this outfit on the cover would look nice on you, but the shoes are too small. For him, this is the icing on the cake. When he immigrated here as a child with his family immigration officials bastardised his name by adding an 'h' 'behind every 's' in his name. His name no longer sounds at all like it looks and results in mispronounciations everytime.

I doubt I can stem this tide of mailings. I know people no longer use Miss or Mrs., so maybe we should work on getting Mr. and Ms. reduced to just M.

Any suggestions? Recommend this Post

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

30 Conservatives turned lobbyist rack up 327 contracts to lobby the federal government

Though it's no surprise to anyone by now, Mr. Harper once again lies. His vow to end lobbying by staffers turned lobbyist to the government apparently only applies if you were not a Conservative. What is most shocking is the nature of the lobbyists concern and the success they appear to have had.

"A great many of the contracts (for Tory lobbyists) appear to be related to environmental issues and Kyoto and climate change,'' said Liberal House leader Ralph Goodale. ''This government has stopped dead in its tracks on climate change. It has no environmental policy to speak of. It certainly has no policy on climate change. That is exactly what the lobbyists were seeking to achieve.''
And we are to take the "Made by Lobby" Green Sham II as something more than lip service when these crackpots unveil it?

I guess the delay in the great unveiling may have something to do with a check from a lobbyist not clearing on time. Recommend this Post

Friday, September 08, 2006

The irrelevant old queen speaks again.

Pardon my stinging criticism of the beloved pope but when i hear stuff like this. I can't help but feel this way.

So Benedict, you don't like the fact that Canada gives its people equal rights and freedom of choice, well, tough teat. I do believe we tried it the catholic way once upon a time known by many as the "Dark Ages" and yes we all remember the indulgences, the orgying of old sexless men, the stifling of free thought, murders, should I go on?

Now you think we should go back there. Why should we? Canada is secular and that means we are not a catholic country which means you can't rule us, only some of the people. So your 5 cents worth is worthless. Go bitch to Latin America.

We all know the real beef the Vatican has with the extension of reproductive choice to women and why it's against gay marriage (other than jealousy). Reproductive choice means less catholic babies to add to your dwindling numbers. It keeps people poor and always looking to "god" for non existant assistance which they internalize as their shortcomings when it never answers. You'd rather further the AIDS epidemic than let someone use a condom. As for your opposition to equal same sex marriage could the reason lies in property and wealth, none of which you will get from a gay man who can leave it to a spouse and not the church as was the case once upon a time?

So go take a f**king hike. Recommend this Post

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On becoming a Legitimate MP, Fortier says "Non".

So Fortier has a chance to become a legitimate member of Parliment by running in the Montreal-area riding of Repentigny but says no. He will not run until the next general election. So much for seeking a seat in the next available by-election which has usually been the case. I guess this could be the reason.

He's just a big scaredy cat who knows he's not wanted or needed. Recommend this Post

So, It was Beer & Popcorn money after all.

All I can say is this is all you can expect from the Conservatives. They chastisesd criticism of the hild care benefit as being of little use, and now they are actually backing up the fact thats its a supplement not actual cash that does anything to help with child care. So I guess thats one priority gone since they never addressed it. So now its 3/5 priorities they have accomplished. Soon they will have done nothing.

Unless of course they realized they messed up and want to campaign on that promise again in the next election. Recommend this Post

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

As Transparent as a Concrete Wall.

Would-be candidates who were barred from nominations in their ridings are asked to sign confidentiality agreements that barred them from discussing their situations later. Gotta love the transparency of the CPC. It's about as transparent as a concete wall.

Alan Riddell has been called an embarassment to CPC because the CPC totally screwed him over and they won't give the cash they promised him. Is it just me or is this situation more of a problem on the CPC side? Maybe the problem with this is paying people off instead of letting a democratic process occur.

Well, I not sure if anyone in that party could be considered anything else but an embarassment. Recommend this Post

And this is the Green Plan II that we've been waiting for??

So this is the CPC Green Sham. A very useless piece of legislation that will not address green house gases for 5 years or more. Mr, Harper please get out of office now and please for god's sake send Rona back to University. In the Environment portfolio we need someone with a little more than an Arts degrees. I fail to see how someone like this could even begin to understand science.

And I think Rick sums up the entire problem with this government quite concisely with this video.

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There is hope!

Seems all the double speak, nasty assness, uncaring attitude and condescending tone are finally getting to people. People don't want our way of governance ruined. People are opening their eyes and they most definitely do not like what they see.

So don't blame me I voted Liberal. Recommend this Post

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

As if 1 Billion wasn't enough

I guess Steve cut George sort. The cool 1 Billion we are not getting back apparently isn't enough. They are planning to put levy's on Canadian Flights. Guess they squeezed all they could out of softwood and BSE, so now they are attacking Canadians citizens personally. I don't hear any one bitching about anti-canadianism down in the US when they stand up for themselves, do you Mr. Emerson? Recommend this Post