Tuesday, September 19, 2006

30 Conservatives turned lobbyist rack up 327 contracts to lobby the federal government

Though it's no surprise to anyone by now, Mr. Harper once again lies. His vow to end lobbying by staffers turned lobbyist to the government apparently only applies if you were not a Conservative. What is most shocking is the nature of the lobbyists concern and the success they appear to have had.

"A great many of the contracts (for Tory lobbyists) appear to be related to environmental issues and Kyoto and climate change,'' said Liberal House leader Ralph Goodale. ''This government has stopped dead in its tracks on climate change. It has no environmental policy to speak of. It certainly has no policy on climate change. That is exactly what the lobbyists were seeking to achieve.''
And we are to take the "Made by Lobby" Green Sham II as something more than lip service when these crackpots unveil it?

I guess the delay in the great unveiling may have something to do with a check from a lobbyist not clearing on time. Recommend this Post